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The Bloody Canoness is a villainess in the Nyte Blayde franchise a fictional work within the videogame Saints Row and is Nyte Blayde's second love, who "filled the void Sylvia left in Nyte Blayde's heart".

Although they were in a relationship, after Nyte Blayde is turned into a vampire, The Bloody Canoness follows along with the rest of the Cyprian Order in hunting him down. She kills his third love, Marion, and confronts him several times throughout Season 1.

In the final episode of Season 1, she tries to kill Marion again, who has seemingly come back to life. Together with Nyte Blayde, The Bloody Canoness discovers it is actually The Darkness.

Viola DeWynter dresses up as The Bloody Canoness during the events of the mission, "Nyte Blayde's Return". Her attire is also available to those who bought the Nyte Blayde Pack DLC. The Bloody Cannoness vehicle, also a part of the DLC, is named after her.

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