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The very memory of my face will cause a manifestation of my being in the future. You will be asleep in bed. I will be there, and watch over you. When you wake, you will not be able to move any part of you. When the doctors eventually find you, they will not see me, but you will, and I'll see you too. Forever, I'll see you.
~ PHEN-228 in the broadcast hijacking.

The Boiled One, classified as PHEN-228, is the titular main antagonist of the Doctor Nowhere analog horror video THE BOILED ONE PHENOMENON.

He is a mysterious cognito-hazardous entity which holds a dark rapturous prophecy. Hijacks television stations in order to spread its dangerous message, that caused a massive influx of locked-in syndrome/pseudocoma.


The Boiled One is a tall, lanky entity with crimson skin. He has a misshapen head, a gaping mouth with many visible teeth, and large human-like eyes. On his head are multiple wiry, hair-like appendages jutting out in straight lines. He appears to wear a black cloak which covers the rest of his body, which has similar spiky appendages as the ones on his head. Several shots in the video also show that he has at least one arm with multiple joints and a giant pulsating orifice on his chest.


What little we see of his actions shows that PHEN-228 is a malicious, callous, ruthless, and highly intelligent entity that actively targets those who come across his path. More specifically, he seems to target the family of Job Zamperini, who was a POW in World War 2. While he doesn't seem to target people who look at him in person as seen with Zamperini's grandson, PHEN-228 has shown himself to stalk him, especially when seeing him through his window. It can be assumed from his speech in one of the hijacked broadcasts that he likely knows what he is doing and is intentionally causing people to suffer from paralysis. Moreover, If you stare at him directly for a prolonged period, you will enter a state of paralysis or even death. In rare cases, you can survive depending on how severe the illness might be. Over 1,200 people have reportedly suffered severe photosensory injuries and have entered an immediate state of paralysis which causes a ventral pontine stroke just by staring directly at PHEN-228. For most of these cases, the cause of this is currently unknown.


Little is given as to who or what PHEN-228 is other than what he says in his speeches and what is told by the projection.

In August 2003. PHEN-228 hijacked a broadcast of a nature documentary in Pennsylvania. He appeared in the broadcast and began speaking to the viewers, declaring that he would always watch them, they would be unable to move one day, and all they would see is him watching them. Despite The Ephrata Branch managing to cut and destroy any evidence, hundreds of people began to experience the Boiled One’s appearance in their minds, taunting and tormenting them. One man said they were feeding on his spinal fluid. Eventually, all the witnesses to PHEN-228 were left with Pseudocoma, or Locked-in Syndrome, leaving them completely unable to move their body apart from their eyes.

One of these victims, Job Zamperini spoke about PHEN-228 stalking his family to a family member taking a photograph of PHEN-228 next to a small playhouse in his backyard. The officers interviewed Zamperini, who expressed that he heard the sounds of hundreds of people screaming. During the interview, PHEN-228 interrupts the broadcast, trumpets playing the background, and cryptically speaks about the end times coming. The broadcast is then cut, and the video ends with the Ephrata Branch informing the user to follow the guidelines at the beginning of the video and to turn off the TV.


Listen closely. Do you hear it? You will hear the laughter of thousands as the sky opens up. You will hear the trumpets play their happy sounds. The scalding blood of life will pour down onto us all. Together, we will be still. Together, a feast fit for a king. Together, welded by love and purest connection. Be still and feast-
~ PHEN-228, presumably communicating with either Job Zamperini or the viewer themself.
I can see you.
~ The Boiled One, assumingly speaking to Job Zamperini.
~ The Boiled One's Morse code to Job.
Release me from this prison of fabric.
~ The Boiled One’s call for help in Doctor Nowhere's Boiled One plush commercial.
I still see you.
~ The Boiled One talking to the viewer in morse code at the end of the video.





  • The Trumpets mentioned in the second video, where PHEN-228 was shown again, is a reference to the seven trumpets before the end of the world from the Book of Revelation.
  • In the video titled 'The Boiled One Phenomenon,' it is noted that, despite the majority recalling PHEN-228 speaking in English, several non-English speakers reported understanding every word spoken. Additionally, the image displayed during this segment features an eye with mirrored Japanese text reading 鳥を恐れる, which is loosely translated as "afraid of birds".
  • Despite common confusion, The Boiled One is not supposed to be Mutsuhiro Watanabe himself, only being purely symbolic of the Zamperini/Bird dynamic.[1]
  • The same goes for Job Zamperini, who has nothing to do with real-life Louis Zamperini, except for the surname taken.[2]