The Bookman is a supporting antagonist of Disney's 1971 film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. He was an unnamed bookman who is a rival of Professor Emelius Browne.

He was portrayed by the late Sam Jaffe.


It was told that Professor Browne and the Bookman had a feud over an old book containing magic spells, resulting a scuffle that tore the book in half. While Emelius took one half of the book to open and fund his correspondence school of witchcraft, the Bookman kept the other half in his shop at Portobello Road.

It wasn't until Professor Browne arrived back to Portobello Road, bringing one of his pupils Miss Englantine Price and three orphans (Carrie, Charles and Paul Rawlins). However, the Bookman's assistant Swinburne spotted them at the market and had them escorted to the shop at knifepoint. Upon learning that Price is looking for his other half of the book for the Substationary Locomotion spell, they both traded the halves, only to find out in horror that none of them contain the spell.

However, Browne noticed a picture of the wizard Astoroth wearing a star, to which the Bookman responded to both Price and Browne that the Star is the source of Astoroth's powers, and that Astoroth spend his last years in an uncharted island called Naboombu experimenting his spells on animals trapped in cages to become more like humans. He also informed that the animals broke free from captivity, killed Astoroth and stole his powers to create a society (currently ruled by King Leonidas) of their own.

The Bookman also told that the island of Naboombu does not exist, but Paul states that he has a children's book detailing about the island's existence. At first, the Bookman asks to see the book, but Browne and Paul refused, prompting an annoyed Bookman to wield out another knife and give it to Swinburne. However Price, Browne and the children escaped on their magical bed, leaving both the Bookman and Swinburne completely shocked.

It is unknown what had happened to the Bookman and Swinburne afterwards.


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