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Aww, Office Monkey look upset. Office Monkey want a banana?
~ The Boss bullying Dan.

The Boss is a villain from the animated series Dan Vs. She is the antagonist of the episode The Boss. Dan and Chris both work for her yet she bullies both of them.

In the episode

She first appears as a nameless boss who is more prone to make fun of her employees, especially Dan and Chris. She is later revealed to be a demon and tried to turn Dan to her side. He does so at first but when she tries to get him to kill Chris he refuses and tricks her into her own demise.


She is a very evil, greedy, sadistic, and heartless woman.


First Form

She appears as a human with light brown hair and pale skin at first.

Second Form

She appears as a succubus with red skin, enlarged pale eyes, tattered clothes and wings, and messy hair.

Third Form

In her true form, she resembles a classical demon: big, red and menacing with horns and a spiked tail.



  • She is voiced by Felicia Day.
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