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Oh WELL DONE! You're a piece of crap, you know that?
~ The boss when the player destroys the government shipment for Cartman.
Oh, you f*cking bastard!
~ The boss when the player destroys his explosive truck.
Hah! That'll teach the bitch! Here's your money.
~ The boss when the player kills his wife who cheated on him with an explosive RC car.

The Boss is the deuteragonist of the 2001 video game Payback and its 2012 remaster, Payback 2. He gives the player missions via payphones in various locations of various cities throughout story mode.


The boss is the leader of the player's gang in Payback and Payback 2. He has multiple henchmen working for him including the player.

In the story mode, he is shown and he gives the player tasks via payphones. His tasks are telling the player to kill rival gangsters, steal cars and bring it to his associates' garage, stop another drug dealer's shipment to remain the sole suppliers, hunt down his friend because the friend found out that the boss was having intercourse with the friend's wife, loading explosives into vehicles to wipe out rivals, etc.

He also gives out more harmless and good tasks such as taking the player into races, getting him to retrieve his daughter from a kidnapper and getting the player to do vigilante like missions like getting them to break into a kidnappers penthouse suite and kill them in order to save Kyle's brother, hunting down someone who has been stalking one of his henchmen, protecting Kyle in a gunfight, helping Harry who is in trouble.

In the mission "Caught by the Fuzz" after the player escaped prison, the boss lets the player come into one of his associates' garage as a safe place to hide from the cops and he is very welcoming towards the player as they return to the garage.



  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed daughter
  • Unnamed wife
  • Nasty Nick (Older Brother)


  • Travis (aka The Player)
  • Rob
  • Harry †
  • Jon
  • Ron
  • Trey
  • Ray
  • Jimmy
  • Cartman
  • Kenny
  • Kyle
  • Stan
  • Ike
  • Kyle's younger brother
  • Unnamed prisoner
  • Fry
  • Other unnamed allies
  • Unnamed right-hand man (formerly)
  • Unnamed friend (formerly)


  • The police
  • The civilians
  • All of the rival gangs
  • Unnamed right-hand man
  • The KKK (Payback 1 only)
  • Unnamed man who blew up Harry's garage
  • Unnamed man tailing Ike
  • Two unnamed men who kidnapped Kyle's younger brother
  • Residents of a local apartment block
  • Weasel who fancies himself as a druglord
  • Unnamed wife
  • Unnamed friend
  • Unnamed man who kidnapped his daughter


On one hand he's a decent guy, he cares for his older brother Nick (he tells the player to take care of him in one mission), his daughter (he tells the player in one mission to go pay the kidnappers ransom to bring her back to him) and his wife (formerly). He's honorable as he is a man of his word and pays the player the rightful amount after they succeed the mission. He's genuinely affable towards the player when they come back to his garage from prison and in the first episode, he welcomes the player and wishes them good luck on the missions he is going to give and he even suggests them to visit Germany and have a good time in Berlin after they bring him an experimental rocket car for his personal collection. In one mission, if the player kills an innocent person that the rival henchman didn't meet, the boss says "Why did you kill HIM? He might have been an innocent!" showing that the boss has his limits and concerns.

On the other hand, he's very cruel as he orders the player to blow up a resident's apartment and use that to scare other residents into always paying their protection money. After he gave the rival crime lord's brother back to his henchmen, he only did it to trick the rivals to their death by having the player kill them after the boss and the player got their money. He cheats on his wife, he tells the player to get weaponized vehicles and go on a rampage with it and he even threatens to kill the player when they let his friend escape and threatens to make the player take the rap for destroying the fraudulent cars instead of dumping them in the sea. However, he never attempted to carry out either threats.

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