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I know over the years you've heard this speech a bunch of times... But we need to remember why we do what we do. And today the stakes are even higher. Earth is gone. It's not coming back and nothing we do today is going to change that. But one thing we can do is get revenge. And you better believe we're showing this motherfucker humanity isn't dead because we're still alive. This isn't about hope, or faith, or even about winning. Kinzie's right, those things died on Earth. This is about will. This is about saying I don't give a shit how many times you knock me down, if I'm still breathing I'm standing right back up, and ya know what? You can hit as hard as you want 'cause when I hit back I'm gonna lay your ass out, bitch! It's our time now, let's get this shit started.
~ The Boss

"The Protagonist", also known as "Playa" and later called "The Boss" is the leader of the street gang known the 3rd Street Saints from the video game franchise Saints Row. He/she is the player character and an ultra-violent street thug who deals drugs, steals cars, commits insurance fraud, acts of vandalism and general murder on a daily if not hourly basis.

During the course of the series, The Protagonist has gone from a simple street thug, all the way to the President of the United States and later ruler of an alien empire spanning across the universe.

In Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, The Protagonist appears as a non-playable character at the beginning and ending of the game. The game's primary goal is for Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington to rescue them.


The Protagonist does not have a given name throughout the series, and has been referred to as Playa, Son, and Boss throughout the games. Kinzie Kensington knows the Boss' real name, but is stopped mid-sentence before saying it, as her boss warns her that somebody else might be listening in on their radio conversation. On television, the Boss is given various titles, including "Leader of the Saints" and "Local Psychopath". In Saints Row IV, the Boss are referred to as "The President of the United States" or simply "The President". If the "Nolan North" voice is selected in Saints Row IV during the mission A Pleasant Day, Kinzie asks the Boss to be himself while causing destruction, and he replies "be... Nolan?". While in gameplay, the voice randomly says "that is how Nolan rolls".


Joining the 3rd Street Saints

Protagonist welcomed into the 3rd Street Saints by Julius.

The character's name and identity is unknown, and their life prior to joining the Saints is unclear. An abused past has been hinted, as well as that the character may have grown up in Stilwater in all life. While walking down the streets of Saint's Row, the character is caught in a turf war between three rival gangs, the Vice Kings, Los Carnales and the Westside Rollerz, who have been plaguing the city of Stilwater with crime. The Boss is rescued by Julius Little, leader of the 3rd Street Saints, and his right hand man Troy, and he later joins the Saints in a fight against the gangs of Stilwater.

The Protagonist assists the Saints in taking back the Saint's Row District, before being tasked to help takeover the whole city and bring down all the rival gangs.

Taking over Stilwater

The Protagonist meets lieutenants Johnny Gat, Dex and Lin, and assists them in taking down the Vice Kings, Carnales and Westside Rollerz. During the course of the game the player gets to know other people around the city and earn respect by helping them complete tasks and jobs. During the course of the first game the Protagonist successfully helps defeat the three gangs, but with the cost of Gat's leg being injured and losing Lin, who is killed by Westside Rollerz financier William Sharp.

After completing the task, the Protagonist is appointed by Julius as second-in-command. When Julius is arrested, the Protagonist takes over temporary leadership in the gang.

Fight with Monroe and Boat explosion

Corrupt police chief Monroe phones the Protagonist and threatens to kill Julius unless they do some "community service". The Protagonist abides and goes to kill Mayor Marshall Winslow, an enemy to candidate Alderman Richard Hughes, who is Monroe's associate. Despite completing the task, Monroe refuses to release Julius and tells the Protagonist, Johnny and Dex he will be in touch. Dex comes up with an idea to assassinate Monroe, and during Winslow's funeral they kill Monroe by blowing him up with an RPG.

Shortly after Monroe's death, Richard Hughes contacts the Protagonist, telling them to meet on his boat, promising that Julius will be there. The Protagonist goes to meet Hughes on his boat, but the mayor-elect's motives become clear. He states that he will be using the events of the game to take down the Saints and redevelop the district of Saint's Row, which was frowned upon before the gang violence got out of control. And he tells the Protagonist that rather than paying them off, he is planning to kill the Protagonist. But before Hughes' men takes care of it, the boat is blown up, with the Protagonist still onboard.


Several years after the boat explosion, the Protagonist has been housed in a prison hospital, kept alive by life support. The Protagonist reawakens and with the help of a fellow prisoner Carlos Mendoza, escapes back to a much different Stilwater. Stilwater has been redeveloped by the Ultor Corporation, who are now based in the newly redeveloped Saint's Row District.

The Protagonist rescues Johnny before he can be sentenced, and does some catching up, including that Julius is now missing and that Troy, who was an undercover cop, is chief of police.

Resurrecting the Saints

After rescuing Johnny, the Protagonist lays low at Aisha's house, and learns that they, Johnny, and Aisha are the only remaining members of the Saints, so the Protagonist decides to recruit some new lieutenants in order to rebuild the gang. This leads to recruiting Carlos, Shaundi, and Pierce.

Taking back Stilwater

After recruiting new lieutenants, the Protagonist (now the boss) assigns each of them to assist them in combating Stilwater's three new gangs: the Brotherhood of Stilwater (led by Maero), the Sons of Samedi (led by The General) and the Ronin (led by Shogo Akuji), assigning Pierce to focus on the Ronin, Carlos to focus on the Brotherhood, and Shaundi to focus on the Samedi.

War with the Ultor Corporation

After taking back the city, conflict ignites between Ultor and the Saints, starting when the Boss is ambushed at a nightclub by a Masako Unit, and the lieutenants are kidnapped. After escaping the ambush and rescuing Pierce and Shaundi, they all meet up with Johnny Gat and plan to assault the Pyramid, Ultor's secret facility built underneath and in the perimeter of Mount Claflin. They hope to expose Ultor's rather dastardly plans for the city, and to destroy their weapons and warheads. The Protagonist and Johnny head there, and the assault goes well. Soon, Pierce gives the Boss a hint that a luxury cruise ship in the middle of the ocean is where the Ultor executives are having a meeting. The Boss goes there and kills all the executives and guards, and shoots down some attack helicopters. This all happens in front of Dane Vogel's eyes, who watches from his top floor office in the Phillips Building.

The Boss kills Dane Vogel.

Vogel holds a press conference outside the Saints Row Church about the incident, and The Protagonist and Johnny plan an assassination. Johnny is spotted by a guard who followed him to the rooftop, and accidentally shoots the sniper rifle in the struggle, which alerts Vogel and his bodyguards. The Boss rushes towards Vogel with a pistol, while Johnny takes down any resistance after throwing the guard off the rooftop. The Boss jumps onto Vogel's limo, but is shaken off, and is are forced to assault Vogel by hijacking an attack helicopter, taking out the power stations on the Phillips Building, and eventually jumping off the gelicopter's fuselage, onto the top floor of the Phillips Building, then confronting Vogel. Vogel tries to reason with the Boss, who responds by shooting him in the mouth, sending him backwards through the top floor window.

After Tobias arrives in his helicopter to pick up Pierce, Shaundi and the Boss, Pierce asks "So...What do we do now?", in which the Boss responds "This is our city, we can do whatever the fuck we want." and they fly off into the city.


After bringing the Ultor Corporation to its knees, the Boss sneaks into Stilwater Police Headquarters and listens to some recorded phone conversations, in which it is discovered that Julius planted the bomb on Richard Hughes' yacht that put them into a coma. After discovering Dex's file in Julius' file, Dex is called, who says to meet him at the old church. At the church, Julius is waiting, who was also told to go there by Dex. As the Boss is about to kill Julius for his betrayal, the Masako arrive and attempt to kill them both. After realising that Dex lured them into a trap, the Boss and Julius fight off waves of Masako, before escaping to the Thalia Amphitheatre where they encounter more Masako lying in wait. After defeating all of the Masako, the Boss turns on a shocked Julius and shoots him in the chest. They argue about what the Saints have become, before the Boss shoots Julius in the head, killing him.

Ultor Exposed

In Ultor Exposed, former Ultor employee Tera decides to help the saints with exposing the darker side of Ultor. The Boss helps Tera dig up dead bodies used for experimentation in order to bring down Ultor. After, the Boss is instructed to hijack a truck that has classified Ultor chemicals to try and persuade Jane Valderamma to run the story. However, all the effort turns out to be for naught as Jane purposely claims Tera the one responsible with the reasoning that Ultor would just bury the story anyway.

Peace with Ultor

The New CEO of Ultor, Eric Gryphon, comes to the Boss for protection from Dex, whom he fears will make an attempt on his life. The Boss agrees and saves him from being killed by a Masako team sent by Dex. Eric tells the Boss about toxic waste that Dex is going to sell. Along with some Ultor security team members at the power plant, the Boss helps Eric capture the shipment. Dex later flees Stilwater after getting an emergency transfer to another city. Angry and knowing they cannot get Dex, the Protagonist asks Eric for names of people that Dex was close to and then kills them. The Protagonist swears to Eric that the Saints will find out which city Dex fled to and kill him. The Protagonist also assures that the hostilities between the 3rd Street Saints and Ultor are over, as long as Ultor does not try to come after them.

The Syndicate and STAG

Five years after the events in Saints Row 2, the 3rd Street Saints became a household brand name in Stilwater and partnered up with the Ultor Corporation. The Protagonist's ascent to fame is first seen in Saints Row 2; the activities Fuzz, trail blazing and crowd control introduce them to entertainment industry figures, and the notoriety as a gang leader is enough that Stilwater pedestrians quickly recognize the kingpin and commented on the Saints' activities.

After many years on the top, the Protagonist, Johnny Gat, Shaundi, and an actor named Josh Birk rob a bank as a publicity stunt. Unknown to them, the bank is owned by Phillipe Loren, the leader of Morningstar and the chairman of the Syndicate. The robbery goes wrong and a seemingly endless SWAT team arrives. They fight their way out and the Boss attempts to escape by having the vault lifted out by a helicopter, but the helicopter is shot down and they are arrested by the team.

Later in jail, Johnny begins to doubt the Saints, as they once meant something rather than merchandise and movie deals. The Boss, Shaundi and Johnny are then taken away by the Syndicate onboard a plane over Steelport. They are given a chance to give a share of their profits to the Syndicate, but refuse and are about to be killed until Johnny breaks free and unties the Protagonist and Shaundi. He takes control of the plane and fights off Loren. But he ends up getting abducted by Zinyak, and Shaundi and the Boss jump out the plane. After fighting more members of the Morningstar, they land in Steelport where Loren has Matt Miller, leader of the Deckers hack into the Saints' accounts and clean them out of their money, and Killbane and his gang to hunt the Saints and kill them. The Protagonist and Shaundi raid an armory and call Pierce to bring the Saints to Steelport.

After the raid on the guard armory, the Boss and Pierce go to check out Steelport and get a car pimped and buying some clothing from Planet Saints, and fight off some attacking Morningstar members and one of their brutes. Later on, they take over a Morningstar penthouse to hurt the Syndicate and kill the Morningstar members there, and the Boss chases a fleeing Morningstar member to give the Saints information on disabling a bomb the Morningstar had planted. After taking the penthouse, the Boss and Pierce begin buying property belonging to the Morningstar using deeds found in their lockbox After multiple encounters with the Morningstar, the Saints strike at their headquarters and Phillipe Loren is indirectly killed by the Boss. During this, they meet a test subject there called Oleg Kirrlov whom the Syndicate where using to clone for brutes, and he joins them to fight the Syndicate.

The Saints and their crew return home to bury Johnny, but are attacked by Luchadores working for Killbane, who destroy a memorial bridge the Saints are getting chased across, causing the Boss, Pierce, Shaundi and Oleg to end up in the river. Oleg reveals the Saints are not ready to find the Syndicate and he knows people that can help. When The Protagonist arrives back in Steelport, along with Pierce and Shaundi he finds ex-FBI agent Kinzie Kensington who is being held by the Deckers, pimp Zimos who was being held at Safeword in the "Pony Barn" and helping ex-professional wrestler Angel de la Muerte from Killbane's Luchadores. After recruiting the three new lieutenants, The Boss gives the 3rd Street Saints a speech that the Syndicate will have to answer for what they have done. At the same time, Killbane takes over the Syndicate.

The Boss is called to the Saints HQ by Shaundi when Pierce throws a party, which angers her due to Johnny's recent death and she voices displeasure, although the Boss agrees with Pierce that they cannot mourn Gat forever. During the party its revealed that the strippers are working for the Morningstar and try to kill the Saints, but the Boss manages to fight them off and kill them. After this, the Boss goes to see Zimos at his crib and says it is time to take down the Morningstar. The Boss poses as a sex slave to be auctioned off at Safeword and once the Saints and Zimos get in, they disable the security to allow more Saints to takeover and wipe out the remaining Morningstar, and then claim Safeword as their own. After getting a tip off from Viola DeWynter, who was Loren's right hand along with her sister Kiki (who was murdered by Killbane when they threaten to leave the Syndicate) The Boss and Zimos invade a Morningstar cargo ship to collect prostitutes being smuggled in. After getting the prostitutes, the Boss receives a phone call from Matt Miller offering to buy back the prostitutes, and the player has a choice to either keep them or bring them to the Syndicate's brothel.

The Boss and Oleg go to meet Viola at the park who offers to help the Saints in order to make Killbane suffer, but the meeting is interrupted by STAG who have been sent to take down the gangs of Steelport. The Boss escapes back to the Saints HQ while Oleg fights off the STAG who are attacking. The Boss begins fighting against STAG and starts by destroying their bases and kidnaps Josh Birk, whose character Nyte Blayde is being used as a mascot for STAG. The Protagonist attracts STAG to the Saints HQ for a massive fight, and at the end is approached by Cyrus Temple, the leader of the STAG, who asks for them to return the actor to STAG and they will keep the attention off the Saints for the while. Whatever choice the Boss makes, STAG begins destroying the Saints HQ. Shaundi is later captured by Cyrus' second-in-command Kia to be taken for question. The Boss uses Image as Designed to take on the appearance of Cyrus and takes Pierce and Viola as prisoners to the STAG's aircraft carrier, the Thermopylae, where they rescue Shaundi and destroy the base. However, this increases STAG presence as they declare martial law in Steelport. When the Boss hijacks a plane containing new weapons that STAG is flying in, a sonic boom is used to try and get into the cockpit, but ends up destroying it and causing the plane to crash, so the Saints leader escapes in a tank out the back and fights of attacking F-69 VTOLs attacking.

After hijacking a second tank in midair, the Boss crashes onto Arapice Island, but falling corpses and debris destroys containers in the Ultor chemical and waste disposal plant, which releases a green gas that turns the dead corpses into zombies. The Boss and Viola go to see the mayor of Steelport, who turns out to be Burt Reynolds, who asks for the Saints' help in dealing with the zombie problem, which the Boss happily accepts. After arriving back on Arapice Island, the Boss submerges three containers in the water, and after this is told to destroy a chemical truck by Mayor Reynolds, who offers to help the Saints and also SWAT Teams to being on their side as a favour for dealing with the problem, although Oleg phones and states that he can use the chemicals to create their own zombie army to help. Whatever choice is made, Temple arrives along with STAG to deal with the remaining zombies.

The Protagonist and Shaundi find out from Kinzie that Killbane has set the Saints up for the attack on the memorial bridge back in Steelport and begins badmouthing the Saints name on air. The Protagonist and Shaundi travel around Steelport to track down where the broadcast is coming from and then chase down Killbane's car in a helicopter, but before Shaundi can take a shot at him the helicopter malfunctions and crashes, causing Killabne to escape. The Bos steals a powerful computer from STAG before Matt Miller's Deckers get a hold of it and then a chair from the Deckers in order to go up against them . After this, the Boss enters into the Deckers' usernet and faces off against Matt's avatar and finally takes him down, but spares the Decker leader's life when he offers to hack into a company to give the Boss discounts, and will walk away, which the Boss accepts.

Match with Killbane

The Boss about to unmask Killbane.

The Protagonist meets with Pierce, Shaundi and Viola, and Viola reveals the best way to defeat Killbane is to unmask him at Murderbrawl and humiliate him and decide to kill off Killbane's upcoming opponents in order for the Boss to enter into Murderbrawl and face Killbane. Using a RC Possessor to control vehicles, the Protagonist uses it on cars, boats and a helicopter containing wrestlers to kill them and make it look like an accident, which leaves the Boss as a last opponent for Killbane. After getting Angel's mask back at the 3 Count casino and taking it over for the Saints. the Boss helps Angel defeat Killbane at Murderbrawl, humiliating him.

During the Boss' remaining takeover of Steelport, the Saints manage to take over the Downtown, New Colvin, Carver Island and Stanfield. districts, finally taking control of Steelport.

Rescuing Shaundi, Viola and Burt

After the Murderbrawl match and Killbane's downfall, a war spirals out between the STAG and Killbane's Luchadores, so the Boss, Pierce and Oleg travel around Steelport to help contain the attacks by killing off STAG and Luchadore members. During this, the Boss gets a phone call from Angel saying Killbane is attempting to flee Steelport, but then gets another call from Kia that a monument will be blown up, which has fellow Saints in it along with Shaundi, Viola and Burt.

When the Boss goes to save Shaundi at the monument, the sonic boom is used to removes bombs planted around it before facing off with Kia who has Shaundi at gunpoint, but manages to kill the STAG second-in-command, saving Shaundi, Viola and Burt, and preventing the Saints from being set up as terrorists. After leaving the monument, the Boss, Pierce and Shaundi are surrounded by photographers, and Temple attempts to have the Boss arrested but Monica Hughes steps in, declaring the Saints as heroes for saving the monument, allowing them to walk. Temple warns the Boss he will be back if the Saints slip up once more, and the Boss leaves with Shaundi and Pierce after sarcastically saying "I love you too, Cyrus".

Gangstas in Space with General Killbane

The Protagonist is then showing leading a group of 3rd Street Saints on Mars, with a mission on going after General Killbane in order to save the earth. The Boss faces off with General Killbane at his lair and defeats him, but slips up during a monologue, revealing the scenario to just being a movie for Gangstas in Space, and they go for another take.

Genkibowl VII

The Boss takes part in Genkibowl VII after being invited there by Tammy Tolliver. During Genkibowl VII, The Boss takes part in many activities such as Apocalypse Genki, Sexy Kitten Yarngasm Sad Panda Skyblazing, and even escorted Professor Genki himself causing murder and mayhem to motivate Genki before he makes public appearances. After completing the activities, the Boss becomes the next Genkibowl champion, and when being interviewed by Tammy, the Boss begins to state the years of murdering, robbing, light treason and more murders are honored and tells children to follow their dreams or they will end up just like their parents.

Gangstas in Space

The Boss gets contacted by filmmaker Andy Zhen who wants the boss to become a star for the new Gangstas in Space film and tells the Saints leader to come by the studio to check out the script . After arriving at the studio, the Boss revises the script and has problems following it, and there, meets fellow co-star Jenny Jaros who is playing Princess Kwilanna in the film and she is pleased to be starring alongside. During the making of the film, the Boss and Kwilanna fight space amazons in order to save the earth, and the Boss stands up for Jenny due to Zhen mocking her abilities as an actress. In the final scenes for the film, The Boss manages to defeat the aliens, but an angry Jenny who has had enough of Zhen drives the Aegean into him, impaling and killing the evil director. The Boss laughs nervously before declaring "well then, I guess that's a wrap".

The Trouble With Clones

In The Trouble With Clones, the Boss is contacted by Jimmy Torbitson and asks them to meet him at Smiling Jack's. The Protagonist and Pierce go to meet Jimmy, who reveals he has cloned Johnny Gat, who is now on the loose, so The Protagonist goes with Pierce to look for the cloned Gat. They travel around Steelport searching for Johnny Tag who is causing chaos, and give chase to him with the help of Jimmy while evading and killing the Steelport Police Department who are chasing down Tag, but end up losing him. The Boss and Pierce try to attract Tag by dressing Pierce up as the late Aisha to attract Tag while Pierce sings songs that Aisha had. Jimmy then reveals a cloned Aisha Brutella to calm Tag down, but then the SNG arrive and kill her, causing Tag to flee again. Pierce is later captured by Johnny Tag while visiting Jimmy, and Tag knocks out the Boss. The Boss then develops superpowers from an irradiated Saints Flow given by Jimmy, and goes to save Pierce and Tag from attacking SNG at a bridge, and although the superpowers are lost, manages to fight the SNG and save Pierce and Tag. The Boss then tries to reason with Tag, who states the Saints had failed him, however the Boss and Pierce convinces Tag they are his friends, and Tag leaves with them.

The Assassination of Cyrus Temple

The Boss wins the adoration of the United States of America.

The Boss, along with Pierce and Shaundi, go on a joint counter-terrorist operation with MI6 agent Asha Odekar and her handler Matt Miller to take down Cyrus Temple, who has turned terrorist. But the Boss was unable to speak, due to the combat suit's microphone malfunctioning. The Boss personally fights hand-to-hand with Temple, managing to kill him, but not before the former STAG commander launches a nuclear missile targeted for Washington D.C. The Boss boards the missile and disables it mid-flight, leaping off it as it explodes and lands right in the Oval Office in the White House.

Presidential Election

The Protagonist as President.

Five years later, the Boss is President of the United States of America, with Keith David as the vice president and lieutenants of the Third Street Saints as cabinet members. The Boss had impulsively angered half of America by publicly saying, "I'm the patron Saint of America. We should probably look to changing the Pledge of Allegiance to 'One Nation Under Me'", to the annoyance of the other Saints. Just as the President was about to attend a press conference to deal with this PR disaster, Shaundi informs them that Matt and Asha had arrived to warn them of an impending alien invasion since MI6 refused to believe them. The President fails to take this seriously before actual aliens attack. Their leader, Zinyak, claims that the best and brightest among humanity shall be spared. As Kinzie quickly claimed to be smarter than everyone in the press room, the alien overlord beams her up. The President and Shaundi attempt to rescue her but Secret Service pin the POTUS to the floor while Shaundi is captured. The President shakes them off and runs through the White House as lieutenants of the Saints are abducted. Getting outside, the President mounts an anti-air turret and begins shooting down UFOs, ultimately shooting down Zinyak's ship. The President goes head-to-head with Zinayk but is defeated by the alien's super powers.

Awakening and conflict with the Zin Empire

The President later wakes up in what appears to be a 50's sitcom set in the city of Steelport, devoid of violence or foul language. The President realizes this when it starts glitching, then hearing Kinzie's voice, explaining that each of the Saints are imprisoned in their own virtual nightmares. She spawns weapons for the President to cause disruption to the simulation. This draws the attention of Zinyak, who throws the President into a Zin-dominated version of Steelport, threatening to destroy the Earth if an escape is attempted. Nonetheless, the President escapes with help from Kinzie and meets her and Keith as they escape aboard a stolen Zin ship.

But as they head back to Earth to gather reinforcements, Zinyak upholds his threat by destroying the planet. Determined to avenge their home planet, the President goes back into the simulation to rescue the other Saints and find a way to get to Zinyak. After saving the other saints with the help of C.I.D., the President learns that Johnny Gat is still alive. After being warned that rescuing Johnny will most likely reveal their location, the President rescues Johnny from his personal nightmare of constantly losing Aisha and brings him to the ship. After rescuing Johnny, the President and their crew are ready to overload the simulation, but are ambushed by the Zin army with Zinyak capturing Kinzie. The President then learns that Keith betrayed them and hid the MI6 agents in a closet to fool them in order to restore Earth. The President chases Keith but is cornered by Zin and was about to be killed until Keith pulled a heel-face turn, saving the President.

With the help of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, the President saves Keith David and goes on to save Kinzie from the same 50's era nightmare he had been in before, where on the ship, she later punches her boss for mocking her in a poodle skirt. Around the time after the President rescues Matt Miller and to a point after Kinzie is saved, the President does personal missions for the crew which gains them super powers similar to the President.

Final Battle with Zinyak

After the simulation is overloaded, the President races to face Zinyak with power armor stolen from the Zin armory. After a lengthy battle against Zinyak, the President beheads Zinyak and takes over the Zin empire. The Protagonist learns through Zinyak's servant Zinjai that the Zin have a way to time travel, allowing them to go back in time before the Earth was destroyed, as well as releasing Jane Austen.

Enter the Domiatrix

The President provided a commentary for "deleted scenes" from the Saint Row IV precursor Enter the Dominatrix. During these deleted scenes (which features an alternative storyline to the Zin invasion) the President successfully killed Zinyak after the Zin incursion of Steelport. But was captured by an AI known as the The Dominatrix who imprisoned the President along with the Saints in a simulation of Steelport. The President eventually defeated the Dominatrix, and the Saints made peace with a race of raptors, who themselves were enemies of the Zin Empire.

How the Saints Saved Christmas

During the festive period, the President showed no interest in Christmas. During a decoration of the ship, a future version of Shaundi traveled from the past to give them a warning about a warlord named Clawz who was planning on destroying Christmas. The President and Future Shaundi traveled into a 1950's Steelport (which was snowy) to save Santa Claus, who had been imprisoned there by the Zin. They then travel to the North Pole to help with the elves' revolution, and then travel to Steelport to deliver presents to the children of the city and raise the Christmas spirit.

The President has a stand-off with Clawz and kills him. After a talk with Santa, the President enjoys Christmas with the Saints.

Captured by Satan

At some point after Zinyak's demise, the President was kidnapped by Satan who wanted the Saints leader to marry his daughter Jezebel. Johnny and Kinzie teamed up and traveled to Hell, and later defeated Satan and saved the President who, along with Jezebel, returned to the ship crib.

Possible Future

This comes with the collectable Christmas Text Adventures from the Saints Row IV DLC How the Saints Saved Christmas.

Bad Future

In this future Clawz successfully brainwashes the world's children and captures the adult population on New Year's Eve 2013. The President is captured by Clawz and imprisoned.

Good Future

When Future Shaundi (who is sent back to warn the Saints) succeeds in her mission, Clawz is defeated and is takeover adverted. When she returns to her own time in 2035, she is thrown a surprise party by the Saints.

Playa's Character

The Mugshots of the Boss as president.

Were the Saints sociopathic killing machines hell-bent on destruction? Or puckish rogues living a life of mirth and whimsy?
~ Narrator

The player can shape almost anything about the character from looks to voice to everyday behavior. But though an avatar for the player, the Boss has displayed several default preferences and the games certainly do encourage the player to follow-up on those base instincts. Many acts of massive destruction are simply respect or point earning activities for the Boss, everything from holding up civilians, to streaking, to spraying houses in fecal matter. The Boss took over the gang after the original leader, Julius Little, sold the Saints out to the police and in the sequel games, the Protagonist is the clear and undisputed leader of the Saints who attains and keeps respect amongst the lesser members by demonstrating skills and depravity with various creative acts of crime.

The Boss's gender is up to the player and continually has access to changing it along with skin tone, hair color, facial features and weight, thanks to plastic-surgery. Though the Boss usually tries to resolve problems with a stern threat to the enemies, when that does not work, the Saints leader is more than willing to break into a full homicidal killing spree the second anyone tries to take the Boss' money, territory, friends or challenge the Boss' reputation. The Boss has been shown willing to do things like kidnap rival gang lieutenants, steal and fabricate drugs, steal entire buildings, and rob front companies from other gangs that try to make trouble for the Saints. The Boss has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice/mercy-kill own gang members and friends if need be, but will hold a cataclysmic vendetta against those that forced such a situation.

As of the events of Saints Row the Third, the character has somewhat mellowed and is not nearly as ruthless, although will still kill and go on a disastrous rampage to get what they want. The mellowed character probably came about due to them become international celebrities and drifting away from the street gang life. This anti-hero persona continues more into Saints Row 4, when the Saints capo becomes President of the United States and fights aliens to save the world and the Saints homies.

In Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, the Boss appears as the Caucasian male appearance from Saints Row IV. However, the player's protagonist from a save game in Saints Row IV can be loaded and will appear in Gat out of Hell in cutscenes.



  • In Saints Row 3, two idle quotes spoken by The Boss reveal that they are cousins to Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV, possibly meaning every version of The Boss is partially Serbian.


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The Morningstar (Phillipe Loren | Viola DeWynter & Kiki DeWynter, Barry) | The Luchadores (Killbane), The Deckers (Matt Miller), Brutes

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Zin Empire
Zinyak | Professor Genki

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