The British, also known as the British Troops (or Redcoats, as they were known) are the antagonists of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Long-Ago Locket".


While walking through the woods, a love-torn teen named Jimmy suddenly finds himself in the time of the American Revolution. There, he meets up with Lieutenant William, a Minuteman on the run from the Britons. Jimmy tries to outrun the Britons, but they surround him and capture him. William fires his rifle and Jimmy manages to get away. In the woods, William tells Jimmy that he must find his way to Harrisville to deliver a locket to a woman he cares for, lest she end up engaged to a man she doesn't like.

Reading a book about the Battle of Harrisville, Jimmy finds out that the Redcoats captured Lieutenant William and hung him on September 17, 1780. When he looks at the date on the calendar, Jimmy knows now, more than ever, he must help the Minuteman. Jimmy sees that the Britons have tied William to a willow tree, but just as they are about to carry out the execution, Jimmy distracts them with loud rock music from a friend's boom box. Jimmy frees William and tells him the way to Harrisville, as he has walked those woods many times before.

Shortly after, Jimmy learns that William survived all the way to Harrisville, happily married his true love, and was promoted to the rank of Captain.

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