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Hold still while I cut your stomach open.
~ The Bulgarian as he prepares to kill Brooks.

The Bulgarian is the main antagonist of the 2018 comedy Game Night. He is a mysterious international weapons dealer.

He was played by Michael C. Hall, who played Dexter Morgan in Dexter, Ken Castle in Gamer and Toffee in Star vs. the Forces of Evil.


Max and Annie Davis are a regular, yet competitive couple, who enjoy games more then ever. When Max's more successful brother, Brooks, invites them and a few friends to a mystery role-playing game, he is really kidnapped by two thugs, yet everyone thinks it's still a game. After locating Brooks, everyone realizes the game is real and all of them are in grave danger.

After recuperating at the Davis' House, Brooks comes clean and reveals he makes his fortune selling items on the Black Market. One such item was a Faberge Egg, which he originally sold to a criminal know only as the Bulgarian, but after double-crossing him and selling it to another criminal, Donald Anderton. The group sneaks into their police officer neighbor and former friend, Gary, to seek information on both criminals.

After learning where Anderton lives, the group heads over to retrieve the egg. During which, Bulgarian calls them and demands that they give him his egg by midnight, or Brooks dies. Brooks is then kidnapped by the Bulgarian's supposed men, who tell them to meet them at the bridge. After an ordeal getting the egg back, the egg is smashed on the way to meet, only for them to learn the egg is worthless, yet contained a mysterious list.

At the meet, Gary arrives and shoots the goons, but he himself is shot soon after. However, after a tearful goodbye, Gary reveals it was fake, and he bribed two criminals with less jail time if they play a role in Gary's game. Max says he's impressed, commenting about the egg and the hit list. However, Gary has no idea what their talking about, revealing the list to be real, which Max is slow to pick on.

At that moment Gary gets shot for real, and the Bulgarian reveals himself, knocking out Gary when he tried to call for backup. Bulgarian demands the list from Brooks. Brooks, in a selfless attempt to save his brother, swallows the list. Angered, the Bulgarian takes Brooks to his private jet, planning to cut his stomach open to retrieve the list. Max and Annie go to save him. After a skirmish between Max and the Bulgarian, the Bulgarian is defeated and left unconscious.

What became of him afterwards is unclear, but he most likely was arrested.

Gary recovers and is welcomed back into the group.


The Bulgarian is nothing if not a complete criminal. Ruthless, sadistic, relentless, and detached from empathy, he is cold in everything he does. Seeing nothing wrong and having not cavil in cutting Brooks stomach open and killing him. He even shows signs of sociopathy, presenting himself in a clam demeanor, even emotionless when threatening people.


  • The Bulgarian makes a small nod to Michael C. Hall's most well known role as Dexter Morgan when he pokes one of the main character's foreheads tauntingly, something he did often with his victims before killing them.
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