Don't run, or else daddy's gonna kill ya!
~ The Butcher
The Butcher is a mental manifestation of Coach Oleander's father and is the personal demon responsible for his evil behavior, and is one of the final bosses of the Action-Adventure video game Psychonauts.



The Butcher possesses a one-track mind to do one solitary thing: kill rabbits. He sees Raz and thinks he is a rabbit and attacks him mercilessly.

Like most manifestations in the mental world, the Butcher does not seem to be aware that he is just a sentient metaphor, nor does he seem to find his surroundings strange at all.

Powers and Abilities

Given his massive size, the Butcher is incredibly strong, being able to wield two massive meat cleavers. 

Being a mental entity, the Butcher is not entirely restrained by some logical rules, not only surviving being torn up and ground in a massive meat grinder, but combining with the mental manifestation of Augustus Aquato into a massive monstrousity. As a personal demon, his very presence is responsible for Coach Oleander's psychosis, his death curing the Coach of all of his megalomaniacle ambition. 



  • Because the Butcher is the mental manifestation of Oleander's father, it is very likely that his depiction here (as well as how he is depicted in the safe) was exaggerated by Oleander's trauma and that his father not nearly as horrifying.
    • It is likely that his appearance was even more exaggerated as well, as not only is it unlikely that he was as massive as he is now in real life, but Augustus Aquato's mental counterpart possesses the same skin tone as the butcher despite the real Augustus appearing different.
  • It is not explained why he cannot be encountered in Basic Braining (Coach Oleander's mind before it melded with Raz's), but it is likely that the Butcher exists too deep within Coach Oleander's unconscious mind for Raz or any other foreign entity to encounter, Basic Braining designed with the express purpose to train children.
  • If Clairvoyance is used, the Butcher sees Raz as a piece of meat.
    • Speaking of Clairvoyance, using the same power on the bunnies of Basic Braining will result in the bunnies seeing him as a Butcher, which most likely foreshadows your encounter with the Butcher.