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|skills = Leadership
|skills = Leadership
|hobby = Fighting [[Greater Korean Republic|KPA]].
|hobby = Fighting [[Greater Korean Republic|KPA]].
goals = the Resistance to use their chopper (formerly).<br>
|goals = the Resistance to use their chopper (formerly).<br>
To kill Robert Jacobs, Connor Morgan, Hopper Lee, for being Korean, and Rianna (failed).
To kill Robert Jacobs, Connor Morgan, Hopper Lee, for being Korean, and Rianna (failed).
|crimes = Betrayal
|crimes = Betrayal

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Well, well, well. What do we have here... Connor f*ckin' Morgan. We heard the Norks hanged your *ss.
~ The Captain to Connor Morgan

The Captain was the leader of the Survivalists, and a minor antagonist in Homefront.


At some point, the Captain and his team got a chopper by unknown ways. Shortly after he put it under heavy guard. In 2027, he made a deal with the leader of the Resistance, Boone Karlson to use their chopper. While four Montrose Resistance fighters; Connor Morgan, Robert Jacobs, Hopper Lee and Rianna came at the Survivalists' camp in Utah, The Captain noticed Connor survived after hearing that the KPA had hanged his *ss. But after he realized Boone's death by the KPA, The Captain cancelled the deal, which angered Rianna in the process. As a Survivalist took Rianna hostage, Connor tried to reason they're fighting the same war, but The Captain changed his mind: The Captain threatened him to gives both Rianna (labeled as "the b*") and Hopper (labeled as "Scarface" due to him being Korean), so Connor can walk without any harms. Connor violently rejected by killing a Survivalist when Rianna killed another Survivalist as she broke herself free before killing The Captain for good.


The Captain was a rude, arrogant, ruthless, selfish and xenophobic leader of the Survivalists. He made a deal with the Resistance by giving them their chopper. However, after learning that Boone died at the hands of KPA, The Captain, along with the Survivalists began to oppose the Resistance.

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