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You've been a worthy opponent, Walker. I respect that. The true measure of a man is in the enemies he makes.
~ The Chairman to Walker.

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The Chairman (Nolan Pierce) is a villain in the series Walker: Texas Ranger. He was played by Michael Ironside.

The Chairman whose plan was to eliminate high-level agencies such as the FBI, Texas Rangers, etc.


The first episode of a four-part storyline, the longest in the series, which aired over four weeks during the November sweeps in 2000. At a senator's behest, Walker must stop a criminal genius who has infiltrated Federal law enforcement computer systems by leading a task force consisting of himself, Trivette, Gage, Sydney, a New York cop, and a computer hacker.

In the second episode of a four-part storyline, the Chairman continues to use the knowledge gained from his computer hacking to terrorize Federal agents and manages to keep Walker at bay. However, Walker's hacker manages to discover a crucial detail in the Chairman's plan that could give them a breakthrough.

In the third episode of a four-part storyline, Walker begins making real progress in ending the Chairman's reign of terror. Hoping to gain an edge over Walker, the Chairman hijacks a plane carrying a key witness to protect one of his associates, and Gage and Sydney are their only hope of delivering it safely.

In a desperate bid to avoid capture as Walker closes in, the Chairman orders hit on the task force but when that fails, he kidnaps Alex in the finale of a four-part storyline.