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The Claw lives within all of us, waiting for the moment it awakens and tears its way through our flesh only to burst forth anew! We're! All! The Claw!
~ The Claw's philosophy.

Frankie Beckett, better known as The Claw is a major antagonist in Fallout 76 being introduced in Wastelanders during Beckett's Questline. He is Beckett's younger brother and one of the leaders of the Blood Eagles.


Frankie was left at Foundation by his brother Beckett which left Frankie resentful towards his brother. While at Foundation Frankie met a girl named Ayla who ended up leaving to find the Treasure of Appalachia and after his brother got the Vault 76 dweller to kill The Blood, Frankie leaves Foundation and is ultimately captured by The Eye, taking him to The Vantage and proceeding to torture Frankie by force feeding him the gang's spiked Buffout and even a jar full of eyeballs. A mix of the torture and resent/rage towards his brother got to Frankie, and he became a member of the Blood Eagles, being dubbed "The Claw". During the Quest "Thicker than Water" Beckett, the Vault 76 Dweller, and Raiders lead by Ronny, assault Watoga Underground so Beckett can find the location of his brother, only to be shocked to find out that The Claw is none other than his brother. From here the Dweller can convince Beckett to either kill his brother or talk sense into him. If the kill option is chosen Beckett sends Frankie's body to be buried by Ronny, however if the talk sense option is chosen, Frankie comes to his senses and Beckett sends him with Ronny to be cured of his addiction.


That's right, Beckett! It's me, your baby brother. Surprise, surprise!
~ The Claw after Beckett recognizes him
Beckett, always two steps behind, racing to catch up. Tsk tsk. Think brother, think!
~ The Claw to Beckett
(chuckles sinisterly) The fight ended long before it began, sweet brother! It died when you left me in Foundation, left ME! so you could seek The Claw yourself! The draw was too much for you, wasn't it?! The allure of power, making you forget the past, making you forget everything you love.
~ The Claw's breakdown towards his brother.
Frankie? No, no, no, NO! Frankie's dead! You killed him, Beckett, by abandoning him, YOU pulled the trigger! But I know why you're really here! To slay The Claw and yourself become The Claw anew! Finish the job, Beckett, do what you must!
~ The Claw to Beckett, telling him to kill him and take on the name of The Claw
Beckett: Frankie? I want you to look at me.

The Claw: Look? Yes, look! Look beyond this shell made of skin and bone! Look deep, and witness the soul of The Claw!
Beckett: Focus on my voice, Frankie. It's just you and me against the world, buddy, just like old times. Come on man, focus. I know you've been hurt Frankie. I know I wasn't there for you, especially when you needed me the most, and I'm sorry.
The Claw:(laughs) No, no, it's not that easy, Beckett! The Claw demands a high price for failure. The price is suffering!.
Beckett: Listen to me, Frankie! Do you remember when we were kids and we were playing near that bombed-out factory in Maryland? Then those rabid dogs jumped out and surprised us? We ran and ran, but then I fell into that ditch and twisted my leg like a dumbass, right? I told you to run, but what did you say to me man? Try and remember.
The Claw: No, Beckett! I, those moments died when Frankie died. Only a fool dwells in the past. The Blood Eagles are our future!
Beckett: No, there's no Claw, there's no Blood Eagles. There's just me and you right now. So shut up and listen! After the dogs were gone and you reached into the ditch to help me out, What. Did. You. Say? Tell me Goddammit Frankie, tell me!
The Claw: I...I said, we were brothers, and we'd never walk away from, from each other, no matter how bad,
Beckett: No matter how bad things became. Yeah, that's exactly right. You fought off those dogs with nothing but a goddamn broken baseball bat. It almost killed you, man, but you, you saved me. You were so cut up from the fight, I thought I was going to lose you, Frankie.
Frankie:(grunts in pain) I remember, you stole those meds for me to fight off the rabies. You kept watch over me for weeks...I...why can't I see it clearly? The hell happened to me, Beckett? God, this hurts so much...
Beckett: I know it hurts, man I know it does. But whatever it takes, we'll get through this together. We're family and I love you, Frankie, always have, always will.
Frankie: I love you too, Beckett, and... I'm sorry, sorry for everything.

~ Frankie, as Beckett begins to snap him out of The Blood Eagles' influence
Beckett, he almost killed me... and you, ugh... you talked him out of it. Thank you...
~ Frankie after his life is spared and he's freed from the influence of the Blood Eagles.



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