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The Cleaner

The Cleaner

You dare interfere with this being's testing? The battle must be fought alone! You shall all pay for this interference!
~ The Cleaner

The Cleaner is an unusual case, a demon that seems to have a strong sense of honor - yet only a fool would think this makes him any less dangerous than his less disciplined counterparts, in fact The Cleaner is one of the most dangerous opponents unwary players in World of Warcraft can encounter if they are foolish enough to invoke his wrath.

The Cleaner normally does not manifest in the mortal world except when a player (or pet) dares to interupt the epic hunter-only test, at which point this dark figure of wrath comes down like lightning and kills not only the creatures responsible for ruining the test but also the unfortunate hunter involved.

After his brutal act of vengeance is completed the mysterious Cleaner returns to the Twisting Nether, no doubt waiting in silence for the next time someone dares to repeat the often fatal mistake.

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