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Welcome to Battleopolis. *laugh*
~ The Cleric

The Cleric is the main antagonist in Toy Story: That Time Forgot. He is a dinosaur-like toy who acted as a ruler over the Battlesaur toys, who prior to the film had no idea they were toys. The Cleric prevented them from finding out or being played with by humans in order to have power. 

He was voiced by Steve Purcell.

Toy Story: That Time Forgot

The Celric makes his first appearance when Woody, Buzz, Rex, Trixie and Angel Kitty are brought to Mason's house. He seems quite mistrustful of the newcomers, fearing that the Battlesaurs will realize they themselves are toys. After imprisoning Woody, Buzz and Angel Kitty, he sends Trixie and Rex to fight alongside Reptillus Maximus, where Trixie soon realizes that other toys unwillingly pitted against them are no match for the Battlesaurs.

In an attempt to stop Reptillus from harming any more toys, Trixie reveals Bonnie's name written on her foot, which the Cleric sees as a "mark of obedience" as she has surrendered herself. He sends Reptillus after her as runs off to expose the truth to the Battlesaurs.

The Celric takes over control of a mechanically-modified Rex as he prepares to dispose of Woody, Buzz, and Angel Kitty through means of shredding them with a fan. However, Trixie has successfully convinced Reptillus that he is a toy, and soon Bonnie and Mason begin playing with the Battlesaurs

From that day on, the Cleric along with the other Battlesaurs have had a change of heart, having "surrendered" themselves to play time. He apparently realizes that being a toy isn't all that bad.

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