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I watched from the trees as a crack appeared at the doorway and a warm, golden light spilled forth into this desolate place. The effect was, I suspect, deliberately inviting, but the figure that emerged was anything but: its costume a hodge-podge of ringmaster, clown and other fairground attire. Its face was a nightmare in greasepaint, a caricature of a smile slashed across its flabby lips. At its waist were a collection of what looked for all the world like fingers. But what creature would be so monstrous as to collect such trophies?
~ A unknown figure on The Clown.

Kenneth Chase, also known as Jeffrey Hawk or The Clown, is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight.

He is voiced by Sébastien Duval.


Kenneth Chase was born in 1932, with his mother dying in childbirth being the cause for his father to grow distant towards him. This, combined with his lack of much success in school and him not joining any sport group offering him to join, made him strange and possibly influenced his habits. Kenneth did one hobby, however, as he collected feathers he found on his way home for school, being mesmerized by the texture and unity of them. Longing to feel how soft a bird is, he rigged a trap in his bird feeder to touch one himself. However, as he held the knocked out bird in his hand, a murderous urge came over him and he killed the creature, keeping a feather from it. As he grew, Kenneth escalated his prey to larger animals such as dogs and raccoons as he worked as a busboy.

Once a man went missing (assumingly killed by Kenneth) and Kenneth's father discovered his box of feathers, paws, and a finger, Kenneth ran off to join the circus, adopting the name Jeffery Hawk to disguise himself. Adopting a charming façade, The Clown travelled around the circus and experimented with various vices, such as alcohol, junk food, and drugs. However, he eventually got into his habits of murder again, fashioning disguises to lure in victims to torture and kill them. He would always keep a finger from their bodies when it was all said and done. Eventually, a victim escaped as his sadistic habits were found out. He escaped, then tagging along with circuses and carnivals in his guise as another clown looking for victims.

Eventually, he vanished into The Entity's realm and stayed there, at home in the nightmarish place.

Powers and Abilities

Kenneth had tons of mixtures he used on his prey. His favorite one was "The Afterpiece Tonic". It is used on survivors to make them slow, blur their view, and make them cough and reveal their locations.

Coulrophobia- Survivors within your terror radius have a thirty to fifty percent penalty to the healing progression speed.

Pop Goes the Weasel- After you sacrifice a survivor. The next generator that you will kick will regress twenty-five percent. It is active from forty seconds to sixty seconds.

Bamboozle- You can vault windows five to fifteen percent faster and it will block the window from 8 seconds to 12 seconds.



  • The Clown represents the monster clown type of the horror genre.
  • Developers formerly said that, due to coulrophobia, a clown killer will never be released. This was proved wrong with The Clown.
  • The Clown is the second tallest killer after Michael Myers.
  • Despite his large weight, The Clown can walk as fast as the normal killers, unlike The Nurse, The Hag, and Michael Myers.
  • The Clown's horse is named Maurice, and was with The Clown before he was recruited by The Entity.


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