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The Clown is the third guard and the secondary antagonist of the "Spooky's Dollhouse" DLC for the videogame Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.

He was voiced by Josh Tomar.


The spirit of a friendly clown was summoned from the Hellgate to entertain the spirits trapped in the dolls. Something else came instead and the dolls grew terrified of the Clown's presence. He was locked away within a cage in the "CLOWN" room of the Great Hall of the dollhouse. Similarly to Specimen 6 or Monster 4, the Clown only moves around and makes different poses when the player is not looking at him. Whenever the Clown is around, the player's doll covers her eyes out of fear of the doll. After the player leaves the CLOWN room for the first time, a faint "Bye-bye!" can be heard. After burning the hands in the furnace, returning to the CLOWN room reveals that the Clown escaped from his cage.

While he is never seen again in the original version, the Clown can be found in the hallways after breaking out in the HD Renovation version. He can randomly appear in the northern side of the Great Hall, the entrance of the Great Hall, or the storage room where the player first encountered Woormy Charles. The Clown stalks the player, inching closer to them whenever they look away. Strangely, the Clown will not attack the player, seeming only wanting to stalk them instead. He may speak to the player as he stalks them. After the mansion was destroyed, it is presumed that the Clown was sent back to hell or was killed.

Endless Mode

The Clown was added to the Endless Mode in the 2021 Halloween Update. He can be an optional chaser, first found in the room where the player first encounters Unknown Specimen 2. If the player pushes a button labelled "clown", he will spawn in a cage. Striking the cage will free the Clown. During his chase, he will spawn at the entrance door. Like in the Doll House, the Clown is harmless, but can possibly block the player, which can be dangerous during chases with other enemies. After outrunning him, the Clown says "Bye-bye!"


The Clown is a pure sadist who gleefully enjoys the suffering of the dolls and the player. It is also implied he dislikes being imprisoned.


  • The Clown does not have a death screen, due to the fact that he cannot kill the player.
  • The Clown appears to be based on evil clowns and IT's Pennywise.


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