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Or else what pipsqueak? You better show some respect.
~ Cobra taunting Simba.

The Cobra is a minor antagonist in the 1995 cartoon Simba the King Lion. He is also the Prince of the Cobras.


When he first appeared in the episode, its clear the Cobra is not a good person, as he doesn't like to listen to anyone and will eliminate those who get in his way. He is also a master manipulator when he tricked Kaa to spare his life. C


Cobra appeared in the episode "The Cobra". He first appeared when he was trying to eat Ollie, butSimba came and demanded that he let Ollie go. When Cobra refused, Simba threatened him, but Cobra showed Simba that he doesn't obey anyone when he spit fire at some birds and a frog, killing them.

When Simba managed to save Ollie, Cobra searched for them nonstop. When Simba and Ollie got Kaa to stop the Cobra, the Cobra lied to Kaa and left bitter. The Cobra again showed everyone he doesn't take orders when he went on a rampage and set fire on anything that moves, even scaring Shere Khan (Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli) and Kurdy. He was eventually stopped when Simba and the others lead him to a river, where they stabbed the Cobra with some cacti and let him fall to the river.

Its was then revealed in the episode "Cobra King" that he was eaten by a crocodile, and therefore died.


  • The Cobra is the only villain in the show that possessed magic.