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The Connections are a major antagonist faction in the Resident Evil franchise, serving as the overarching antagonists of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8: Village. They are an underground research organization and crime syndicate founded by surviving remnants of the Umbrella Corporation for the purpose of developing and selling bioweapons on the black market.



The Connections were established by Brandon Bailey, a former Umbrella researcher who once served as head of their Africa Research Center and worked closely with their co-founder James Marcus until the Africa division was closed down following the Raccoon City incident. Having been laid off from the company, Bailey founded the Connections following Umbrella's downfall to continue his bio-chemical research in developing B.O.W.s.

Contact with Miranda

The Connections would at some point come into contact with Mother Miranda, the woman who had once been a close mentor and friend to the Umbrella Corporation's founder Oswell E. Spencer. The Connections offered Miranda their help in her research to revive her daughter Eva in exchange for samples of the Mold and Eva's DNA. Miranda agreed and joined the Connections as one of their leading researchers.

Developing Eveline and the Dulvey Incident

Among the living bioweapons developed by the Connections was Eveline, a genetically engineered human created in the image of Miranda's daughter using her DNA. Codenamed "E-001", Eveline was capable of controlling those infected with the Mold fungus and was intended to be the first in a series of child-like "E-Type" bioweapons that would revolutionize the way warfare was conducted.

However, as Eveline was transported to a different facility on a ship under the watch of two caretakers, Alan Droney and Mia Minters, a violent hurricane struck the ship and enabled Eveline to escape. Eveline began spreading her infection all over the ship, killing or turning all of the passengers and crew members into Molded before it crashed, with Eveline and Mia being the only survivors

Afterwards, Eveline and Mia were found and taken in by the Baker family, only for Eveline to contaminate the family and begin mutating them with her fungus. The Connections were able to locate Eveline and deciding to allow her to continue living with the Baker family. Setting up a lab in the Abercrombie Salt Mine, the Connections recruited the son of the family, Lucas Baker, to serve as a field agent for them and provide them with updates on Eveline's condition.


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