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The Countess was the main antagonist of the 1997 comic book series Chastity: Theatre of Pain.


The Countess was born some time in the thirteenth century to a an affluent family. WHen she was turned into a vampire, she killed her entire family as a sign of loyalty. AFter this, she became one of the more famous Vampires of the British isle, eventually leading all supernatural evil in the area. 

Theatre of Pain

When one of her lower vampires bit a young woman at a Punk Rock Concert and didn't kill her, she handled teh situation directly. The vampire was tide up in the dungeon while the Countess went to encounter teh young woman directly.  After recruiting her, The Countess took advantage of the young woman's total immunity to teleptahy, and trained her as an assassin. 

After Chastity had killed many vampires and werewolves, The Countess began to suspect that she might not have been totally loyal. The Countess than decided to turn on her, eventually calling a global meeting of Vampires to her castle, attempting to turn them against Chastity. She also Kidnapped her boyfriend, threatening to kill him unless Chastity confessed. She was, however, eventually made to drop him, and, after a confrontation with Chastity, was eventually defeated by her and thrown into the other Vampire leaders, where she was greatly embarrassed.

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