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Did the Blind Seer not tell you about us? Did she not warn you?
~ The Crawler to the Hero of Brightwall.

The Crawler is the main antagonist of the 2010 role-playing video game Fable III, which is produced by Lionhead Studios.


It is first encountered after the Hero of Brightwall and Sir Walter Beck wash up on the shores of Aurora and make their way through a cave called Shadelight, where they find themselves fighting the Crawler's legion of "shadow children" as the Crawler itself taunts the two, especially Sir Walter. Moments later, the Crawler abducts Sir Walter, forcing the Hero to find and rescue him, fighting more of the Crawler's progeny in the process.

Later, the Hero of Brightwall learns that the Crawler is responsible for decimating the City of Aurora, killing many people, and that his/her older brother, King Logan, previously crossed paths with the Crawler and was deeply traumatized by the encounter. As the result, this experience makes Logan becomes a tyrant out of necessity in order to build an army strong enough to fight back the Crawler and the army of darkness to protect his kingdom.

After the Hero takes the throne of Albion from Logan, he/she learns from Theresa that, in one year's time, the Crawler will execute an attack upon Albion, and that he/she must prepare for the coming assault by either breaking the promises he/she made to people throughout his/her quest (thus becoming a tyrant) or by sacrificing their personal wealth to fund the armies needed to defend Albion.

A year later, the Crawler comes to Albion, as Theresa foretold, and begins attacking. The Hero of Brightwall leads his/her allies in battle against the eldritch being as it and its minions assail Bowerstone. The Crawler then possesses Sir Walter, thus forcing the Hero to fight his/her friend and mentor. He/She finally defeats the Crawler by killing Sir Walter.


Part 1

Are you blind? Are you blind yet?
~ The Crawler
Dead fingers talk. Dead fingers whisper. Dead fingers claw at one million eyes.
You will never escape the darkness. It flocks to you. Always.
Are you thinking of your loved ones now? Of how you will never see them again?
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
Feel the embrace of the children. They bring you eternal contentment.
You are a fragile thing. You and your kind dissolve so easily.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
You abandoned your friend to die! He is calling for you while the children spread out his heart to the skies! [...] He would have done anything for you. And now he screams alone. He curses you! Not even in death will he forgive you!
~ Taunting the Hero of Brightwall
Ha-ha! There is nothing left! You are gone! All gone!
~ To the Hero of Brightwall, as it overwhelms him/her in the Shifting Sands
Ah-aha... The children are here to play...
Be corrosive. Be pernicious. Be diseased. Be...devoured.
Watch your flesh turn to black. Watch your thoughts turn to black. Watch your fates turn to black.
You see now what future awaits you. All those people you want to save. The people you want to control. They will shrivel as your friend has.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
Accept death now. It is so much easier than what is to come.
Close your eyes! Those orbs of light offend us!
Death...brings the gift...of blindness.
What happens to this piece of flesh when darkness touches its soul?
You feed us! You feed us!
We will snuff out every last light, smother every breath from every mouth, and stop the beating of every heart.
Do you feel that music flowing through your veins? That's our heartbeat. The children put it forward out of love. Do you know how to love? It is the same as dying.
Bring me their hearts! Bring me their stomachs! Bring me their bile!

Part 2

Now do you realize how worthless you are? How much you deserve the shadow?
You bring the light. But it betrays you. It knows you are unworthy of its toxic gleam.
Watch as your skin falls and leaves you exposed and hollow.
You have done such bad...bad things...terrible things. It corrodes from within, doesn't it? It feeds and feeds, yet it is never sated.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
It doesn't matter if you leave. We are inside you. Your heart, your lungs, your thoughts will all be blackened.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
We drink the sounds you give us. The cries of your young, the gurgle of a freshly-ripped throat, we give thanks for your desperation.
The Dark Guardian shall come and protect us...and all that is flesh and light shall die.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall, before possessing a Sentinel
You have done such hurtful things. The people you know shall rejoice in your death.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
Do not provoke us with the bone gleam shining from your broken bodies. It is a transgression against the night.
Who made you? Who crafted such slight, flimsy forms? You rip like insect wings in our hands.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
The light you bring will die. The light inside you will die. All that you are will die.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
But you, too, wish for the black void. You tire of your travels, your burdens, the cries of the helpless, the cries of your dead. You too will be swallowed.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
The children hide in their shells. They have bodies now. Bodies can tear you asunder!
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
You are tainted. The stain shall never wash out. The sun will never shine upon you again. Tainted...broken little toys.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
Death beats its wings for you.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
The lost sheep returns to the flock! No one ever leaves the Darkness behind!
~ To Walter, right before possessing him
Do you see? do you see what you have allowed? We are all shadows now.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall, while possessing Walter
Don't fight back, my child! I have cared for you, I have taught you. I have MADE you!
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
All that you love will become shadow. All that you see will become death.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
You are already dead inside. Join me in the darkness.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall

Part 3

You have done terrible things. Did you think that I wouldn't know? Did you think that I would...allow it?
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
I am shadow...and...death.
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
I only want to care for you. Am I not your father figure?
~ To the Hero of Brightwall
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