What mercy did you show your friend -?
~ - The Creeper, moments before claiming a victim

The Creeper is the titular antagonist of the horror book The Creeper by Pete Johnson. The Creeper is a demon of vengeance, who can be sought to exact revenge on one's enemies.



The Creeper was not always a monster. Once, he was a kind ordinary man named Martin Sloane who lived with his brothers on a farm with his dog. Martin's brothers hated him, and wanted to rid themselves of him by claiming insurance money. So one day they trapped Martin in a barn and, setting alight to it, they called the authorities, who arrived too late, and Martin, along with his beloved dog, was tragically burned to death.

But this was only the birth of the Creeper. He rose from the ashes, as did the ghost of his dog. His charred hand was the only thing left of Martin, and the ashes of his charred remains formed a humanoid, demonic shape, with one monstrous hand. Two gleaming fiery eyes completed the set. Martin now became a monster named the Creeper, and he set about seeking to right those wronged.

His first victims were his evil brothers, who were dreaming of the money they'd get. Martin attacked them both as the Creeper, and professed that they were ultimately responsible for his murder. He now knew his death was murder and paralyzed them before departing.


The Creeper is first encountered by Lucy and her friends, who find an old cassette tape documenting the life and death of Martin and the birth of the Creeper. Unfortunately, when Lucy listens to the recording alone, she inadvertently summons the Creeper, who plagues her and her friends.

When Lucy's friend seemingly abandons her and cuts off her friendship, Lucy sends the Creeper after her and gets vengeance. Lucy soon becomes mortified by the power she has over her enemies, and she attempts to get rid of the demon, but the Creeper refuses to let go.

Lucy realizes that, far from being a complete monster, what the Creeper really desires is peace, so she writes him a happy ending, in which the Creeper tries to do good but is outcast by some townspeople; his only friend is a young boy. The Creeper's spectral dog companion could sense the boy was honest, but the Creeper was torn between vengeance and finding peace. Lucy implies the Creeper did find peace, and the Creeper suddenly shakes Lucy by the hand, approving of this ending, before finally departing to the Afterlife.

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