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For crown and kingdom.
~ The Crown's motto and passphrase.

The Crown are the main antagonists of the RWBY novel series. They are a terrorist organization founded and led by Jax and Gillian Asturias that seek to restore the collapsed Vacuo monarchy by destroying its current system and school.


As children, twin siblings Jax and Gillian Asturias were led to believe that they were the direct descendants of Malik the Sunderer, the king of Vacuo before the monarchy fell and Vacuo was drained of resources by the other kingdoms and the Great War. They believed that they were the rightful rulers of the kingdom, and that Vacuo's current government was weak. They conspired from early on to stage a coup and take the kingdom by force, then appoint themselves the king and queen.

Both Jax and Gillian went to train at Shade Academy, where they were teamed with Rosa Schwein and Argento Pocoron, who shared their ideas of revolution. They also befriended Carmine Esclados and Bertilak Celadon, who joined their group. After Jax was expelled, Rosa and Argento dropped out of the academy, while Carmine and Bertilak continued to graduation before joining. Jax and Gillian founded the Crown, named after the crown-shaped birthmark they and their father beared that they were told was passed down from their kingly ancestor. They took over an abandoned Dust manufacturing building and turned it into a street fight club called the Mirage, and built a bunker under the Wastelands. They developed a plan of building an army of people with powerful or useful Semblances, made up of both willing participants as well as kidnapped people that Jax used his Mind Control Semblance on. They would also use these kidnapped people, which included children, as batteries by using Gillian's Aura Siphon Semblance to drain them of their Aura and transfer it to others, making them more powerful. When the time came, they would build an army of people with powerful Semblances, boosted by Gillian's Semblance, and march upon Vacuo. Once they took it over, Jax and Gillian would reign as its rulers.

After the Fall of Beacon, Carmine and Bertilak were tasked with abducting Edward Caspian and his young grandson August "Gus" Caspian for their Semblances. Carmine and Bertilak acted as bodyguards to them, feigning kindness as they waited for their opportunities to kidnap them. However, their plans are halted by Team CFVY, who manage to stop them and imprison them in the settlement of Coquina.

A few months later, Carmine and Bertilak escape captivity and return to the Crown. Carmine blamed the failure of their mission on Bertilak, who was punished by being reduced to another power source for Gillian. The Crown continued its series of kidnappings, using the Mirage to identify powerful Semblances before kidnapping them, as well as abducting normal people to use as power sources.

Carmine was tasked with handling Shade Academy's growing suspicions and activity about the Crown. When Carmine discovered that Shade professor Xanthe Rumpole was investigating the Crown, she lured the teacher to the street fight club the Mirage. The two fought, and Rumpole was even able to destroy one of Carmine's sais, though Carmine triumphed. Rumpole was put under Jax's mind control, and forced to try and destroy Shade from the inside. Rumpole tried to reorganize the teams, send the students out on dangerous missions, and enforce a curfew to stall break morale and try and stop the students from interfering in Crown business. When she is found out by Yatsuhashi Daichi, Fox Alistar, and Neptune Vasillias, she tries to kill them before Yatsuhashi manages to use his Semblance to break her free from Jax's control.

Sun Wukong and Velvet Scarlatina to to the Mirage to investigate, but are found out and put under Jax's mind control. Velvet hangs around the club while Sun becomes a cage fighter. Yatsuhashi finds them and is able to break them both out of the mind control, but is captured and almost killed by Carmine. Jax mind controls Yatsuhashi. Jax and Gillian then decide that it is time to strike, and assemble their army outside of Shade. They breach the walls, and the students go to fight the Crown, which includes supporters and brainwashed minions.

Another group goes and finds the Crown's bunker, where the kidnapped people are being held. Sun frees them, including Bertilak, who swears revenge on Carmine and renounces the Crown. As Carmine attempts to carve a pathway for Gillain to join the battle, she is confronted by Velvet, Sun, and Octavia Ember. In a final effort to stop Carmine and Gillian, Octavia ignites a vein of Fire Dust. Carmine telekenetically throws Gillian to safety before the Dust explodes, collapsing the cave on top of all of them. While Velvet, Sun, and Octavia are able to survive, Carmine's fate is unknown.

Gillian makes it to the battle, and uses her Semblance to amplify the Auras of all the Crownsmen on the battlefield. However, her supercharged Aura attracts a number of Creatures of Grimm, including Dromedons, Jackalopes, Ziraphs, and Ravagers. Velvet manages to use a CCT tower to deliver a message to all the people of Vacuo, where Sun pleads for their help. With the people of Vacuo and the Grimm joining the battle against them, the Crown begins to falter. Yatsuhashi's Semblance allows him to break free of the mind control, then use it against Jax, effectively lobotomizing him. Gillian willingly stands down. The brainwashed Crownsmen are freed from Jax's control, and the supporters are imprisoned.



  • Jax Asturias: One of the two leaders and founders of the Crown, who believes he and his twin sister Gillian are the rightful heirs to the throne of Vacuo. His Semblance is Mind Control.
  • Gillian Asturias: One of the two leaders and founders of the Crown, who believes that she and her twin brother Jax are the rightful heirs to the throne of Vacuo. Her Semblance is Aura Siphon.


  • Carmine Esclados: A corrupt Huntress who agrees with the Asturias' goals and ideas, and is usually one of their main enforcers, traffickers, and bodyguards. Her Semblance is Telekinesis.
  • Rosa Schwein: A former teammate of the Asturias twins, Rosa agrees with their goals and serves as a scout and enforcer. Her Semblance is Intangibility.
  • Argento Pocoron: A pig Faunus and former teammate of the Asturias twins, Argento agrees with their goals and serves as a trafficker and enforcer. His Semblance is Lag.
  • Bertilak Celedon: Carmine's partner who traffics for the Crown, more for the money than out of loyalty. His Semblance is Heat Generation.
  • Umber Gorgoneion: A corrupt Huntress that fights at the Mirage and identifies powerful Semblances. Her Semblance is Stone Glance.
  • Bouncer: The bouncer of the Mirage, who ensures that the club's rules are followed.
  • Announcer: The fight announcer at the Mirage, who oversees fights and identifies powerful Semblances among the fighters and crowd.


  • Green: A brainwashed Huntsman who serves as a scout and trafficker. His Semblance is Smoke.
  • Xanthe Rumpole: A Huntress and the right-hand to Professor Theodore at Shade Academy, who is brainwashed into trying to destroy Shade Academy from within. Her Semblance is Golden Touch.
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi: A Huntsman-in-training and member of Team CFVY, who is temporarily brainwashed into being Jax's enforcer. His Semblance is Memory Wipe.
  • Sun Wukong: A Huntsman-in-training and member of Team SSSN, who is temporarily brainwashed into becoming a cage fighter at the Mirage. His Semblance is Via Sun.
  • Velvet Scarlatina: A Huntress-in-training and member of Team CFVY, who is temporarily brainwashed into becoming a servant of the Crown that tries to convince Yatsuhashi to join her. Her Semblance is Photographic Memory.


  • Members wear a silver armband.
  • The Asturias twins hate the other kingdoms so much that they refuse to use any technology that was developed outside of Vacuo, including modernized weapons. The only technology they allow, as they deem it necessary, are Scrolls and the CCT Towers, though both refuse to operate the technology themselves and request that their subordinates not operate it in their presence.
  • The name of the Crown comes from Jax and Gillian's allusion to the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill", particularly the line "Jack fell down and broke his Crown".


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