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My name is Not Important; what is important is what I'm going to do. I just f***ing hate this world, and the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred, and I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance, and no life is worth saving, and I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill and it's time for me to die; my genocide crusade begins... here!
~ The Crusader, aka Not Important.
I never thought it would be so easy to slaughter my whole neighborhood. I can feel their pain, their suffering flowing through my veins. It's like the most intense drug, and I need more! Much more! The human shields have arrived. I'll hide and prepare an ambush. It's time to shoot some canned meat! Ha, ha, ha!
~ Not Important, after destroying the neighborhood he lived in.

The Crusader, better known as Not Important, is the protagonist of the 2015 infamous videogame Hatred.

Because of his hatred for humanity, Not Important decides to kill as many people as he possibly can and hopes to have the most violent death. The isometric shooter has been controversially received by critics and players alike largely due to Not Important's misanthropic tendencies and willingness to violently murder civilians and policemen.


Nothing much is known about Not Important's backstory nor how he came to be a mass killer, but it is known that Not Important is a misanthropic insane killer who shows no remorse for his victims nor the ones he killed. He describes his murders as being part of a "genocide crusade" to eradicate all human life from the city of New York.

After killing a drugged hostage in his basement, Not Important leaves home and begins to kill any civilian. After his initial rampage, he enters a police station at One Police Plaza district to murder all remaining police officers before entering the sewers to brutally kill a team of S.W.A.T. officers.

Having escaped a retaliating hipster by hijacking a train, Not Important discovers that there is a nuclear power plant in New Jersey and begins to plan on destroying the facility. After slaughtering everyone in the train, Not Important steals an armed S.W.A.T. van and massacres Triad gangsters and civilians in Chinatown. With the military in pursuit, Not Important finds a politician named José Morales gathering the remaining population. He murders Morales and all the remaining civilians before raiding Fort Oconor to obtain C4 explosives.

After overwhelming the military, Not Important declares himself a "One Man Army" before leaving the fort. He storms the nuclear power plant, places C4 charges in the facility, and tries to coerce an engineer into overloading the reactor (which would erase the city from the earth). Frustrated in the engineer's reluctance, he murders the engineer and types in the code 666 to overload the reactor. A group of soldiers arrive and he laughs maniacally as he is shot down. With his last bit of strength, he states that he wonders if his explosives will work, then activates the trigger that completely destroys New York City. After realizing the city is destroyed, he posthumously mutters "Well, they did." 


Let me introduce myself: I'm a man of hate and disgust.
~ Not Important, talking about his personality after executing one of his victims.
Not Important is a misanthropic psychopath who will stop at nothing to lead a one-man war against New York City. He is utterly contemptuous and sardonic for humanity, meaning that he is more than happy to execute anyone who stands in his path regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. He also seems to be mentally unstable, given his misanthropic tendencies and maniacal laughter near the end of the video game.

Villainous Acts

  • He kidnapped someone, tortured then ended the life of his victim.
  • He committed numerous brutal murders through the game, aiming cops as well as unarmed civilians, in the sake of "purification". He usually killed his victims through firearms, but sometimes executed them more violently via slashing their throats or crushing their heads with his boots or the butt of his firearm.
  • He slaughtered everyone in a train, then diverted said train after murdering its driver.
  • He invaded and completely wrecked numerous buildings and public places, including a park, police station full of survivors of his rampage and a nuclear facility.
  • He melted a nuclear reactor within New York, causing the nuclear facility to explode, thus erasing New York City and its inhabitants from the map (> 8 million victims).


Nothing can stop my Hatred, you cannot kill what breeds within you. Nothing can stop me; a fearless remorseless genocide machine, cold and deliberate. They will send many to fight me, but all their efforts are f***ing pathetic. All those poor bastards sacrificing their lives in the name of duty, to protect the innocent and the weak. I call them "Human Shields".
~ Not Important, describing his enemies (the Police, SWAT and Military) in the Human Shields trailer.
Human scum; they've always felt so f***ing safe inside their homes. Surrounded by the possessions gathered their whole lives. So weak, so fragile, they don't deserve a natural death unconsciously waiting to be obliterated by my Hatred! Those parasites think their walls can save them, but I will destroy everything they own and everything they are.
~ Not Important revealing his intent to cause mass amounts of property damage to New York City in the Devastation trailer.
Welcome to your nightmare, motherf***ers.
~ Not Important, after executing one of his victims.
F***. You.
~ Not Important
Like lambs to slaughter. I like it.
~ Not Important
~ Not Important
Try harder.
~ Not Important
~ Not Important
No more useless words.
~ Not Important
Dust to dust.
~ Not Important
Death, the lowest common denominator of ALL.
~ Not Important
Your family won't cry for you. They won't survive that long.
~ Not Important





  • He possesses the paranormal capacity to regenerate after each murder. Thereby, Not Important might be a personification of Death incarnate. This is further supported by the Steam Trading Cards.
  • It is rumoured that Not Important's voice actor is John St. John, who also voiced Duke Nukem. However, St. John has refused to confirm this.
  • Not Important was originally going to be an unnamed protagonist. However, his creator Destructive Creations have since called him "Not Important" after the name became popular among fan circles.
  • Due to Not Important's cruelty and savagery in the game, Hatred was originally removed from Steam Greenlight after the trailer's controversial reception. After backlash from users on censorship, Gabe Newell emailed an apology to Destructive Creations regarding this and placed the game back on Steam. The game has since become a best seller upon its launch on Steam.
  • Although it is not stated, there has been some hints that Not Important is most likely a military veteran. Evidence of this include his typical attire and his knowledge of how to use military weapons and vehicles as well as an army uniform that can be found in the basement while exploring the FPS mod. Also, if he was a veteran then post traumatic stress after having been in a warzone might offer some explanation to his twisted mental state.
  • Strangely enough, he is referred to as "The Hero" by the game's developers.