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Villain Overview

The Crystals are the main antagonists from the Raiden series. They are extraterrestrial force from space with a unknown origin. They first seen active on Earth in the year 2080, they can convert any of earth's machines that runs on any fuel source (such as diesel, or electricity).


For most of the Raiden series, it was assumed that the attacks by the Crystals were an invasion of Earth by a hostile extraterrestrial race. As humanity gained more information about how the Crystals behave, and how they exhibit signs of intelligence, the true purpose of the Crystals was realized by the end of the events of Raiden V.


In 2090 AD, The Earth was invaded by extraterrestrials without warning. During the heated battle that ensued, the World Allied Forces gathered top engineers from all over the world to create the Raiden, an ultra-high altitude fighter-bomber based on the recovered wreckage of an enemy craft. But since these new machines were so technologically sophisticated, there were only two pilots in the world who can pilot them. And so, the Raidens took off to fight back against the extraterrestrial menace.

Raiden II

Three years after Earth fended off the first invasion, the extraterrestrials who once rose to power regrouped and launched a second attack. This attack became even more fierce, and the Earth was gradually overwhelmed by the enemy. In order to overcome this war situation, the World Allied Forces have developed two new weapons and a new model of the original ship that saved the world, the Raiden II.

Raiden III-Raiden IV

Raiden III involves a new model of the Raiden fighter, the Fighting Thunder ME-02, and its campaign against the enemy. In the ending of the game, the Fighting Thunder ME-02 is shown landing near a crashed Raiden fighter. It merges with the wreck in a flash of light, and a Fairy emerges.

Raiden IV has no story, other than fighting another extraterrestrial invasion.

Raiden V

The events of Raiden V take place seventeen years after the war began between humanity and the series antagonists, the Crystals. The game follows the campaign of the Bellwether, the flagship of the Vanquish Crystal Defense (VCD). Headed by commanding officer Richard "Max" Maxwell and communications officer Eshiria Portman, they direct the actions of Raiden, the pilot of one of the Fighting Thunders.

The campaign takes place in different locations around the world. During the campaign, Max and Eshiria learn more about their enemy, and encounter resistance from two human threats: the pirate Valbarossa Hawkeye and head of weapons development at VCD Lieutenant Walter Erick Campbell. A councilor of the International Peace Defense Force, Helga Lindenbaum, Max's superior, orders the VCD and Fighting Thunder to travel to the Crystal's homeworld to destroy the core controlling all Crystal activity on Earth. During their assault on the homeworld, Max and Eshiria learn the true purpose of the Crystal attack on humanity: it was not an alien invasion. The Crystals' true purpose is to annihilate all life on Earth by pollution and controlling their weapons, cleaning everything up, and making the planet habitable again, just as they did to the homeworld.


From a research it appears these Crystals can assimilate to any fuel source to their side, this was called known as "Crystal Contamination." The Crystals can contaminate any machinery they find, from planes, land vehicles, ships, etc. As found in Raiden in the second stage, one the crystals managed to contaminate a maglev locomotive resembling a steam train, which can possibly mean they can assimilate and control steam machinery.

Red Crystal


Red Crystals are seen embedded in the machines they control. Whenever their vessels are destroyed, the crystal will leave the machine and fly away.


  • The end VGM of Raiden V is titled, "The Battle that Never Ends", indicating that the conflict against the Crystals isn't coming to an end any time soon.
  • It's was never explained about the Crystals true name and if they were organic.

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