The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo Is a main villain whose name is the same as the title of the show from David Hand's Animaland Cartoon show.

His Mother was lazy and sneaky. Instead of Mrs. Cuckoo building a nest and laying an egg, she planned to flew to someone else's nest to drop someone else's egg and destroys it. So Mrs. Cuckoo placed her egg on the nest and flew away. Next morning the family of sparrows were making sure the eggs are hatching, so the baby sparrow pops out of the egg but the Cuckoo popped out of the egg which Mrs. Cuckoo placed on the sparrows' nest. The Cuckoo says that he is hungry. The Cuckoo Bird is Large, Greedy, and a Selfish Bully to a Little Baby Sparrow. The Sparrow Parents feed The Cuckoo but the baby sparrow didn't get a chance to have his real parents' attention. At night, The Baby Sparrow was sleeping but couldn't fit in a nest with a Cuckoo. The Little Sparrow begin to have a nightmare about Cuckoos taunting him which he ain't so cuckoo after all.

When The Baby Sparrow woke up, he's hanging out of the nest so The Cuckoo pushed him out of the Tree from the nest.

While The True Main Villain, Willy The Weasel was trying to cook the baby sparrow in his pot of soup, The Great, Big, Greedy Cuckoo smells all the way down to the cave and walks down there. So when The Cuckoo opens the lid, he saw a baby sparrow stirring inside the pot of soup, he was surprised, pointing at the baby sparrow and throw him out of the pot so he uses his spoon and drinks the whole soup. But The Weasel pokes The Cuckoo's shoulder, he punches cuckoo, trying to kill him so he could eat him. While The Baby Sparrow was chased by a Weasel, The Cuckoo kept drinking the soup. After the Weasel's tail on fire and ran out of the cave, The Baby Sparrow was very angry at The Cuckoo and scalded him. A Reprise of the song from the dream starts up in the background, suggesting that a cuckoo is just a cuckoo. Though ashamed, he tried to explain himself whilst the angry baby sparrow walked out of the cave. But then he remembered the soup, so he finished drinking the whole thing and swallows the whole pot. Then he hurried after the baby sparrow to apologies, only to get his fat rear stuck in the cave entrance.

He later returns in 'Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus', as a one man band, whilst the hedge sparrow each had their own instruments as the circus's band.

The Cuckoo Concept Art

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