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The Dancing Boy, also called the "Little Boy", is a minor antagonist from the 2011 supernatural horror film Insidious. He is one of the many damned spirits within the dark world of the Further, who seeks to possess the body of young Dalton Lambert to regain his life.

He was portrayed by Ben Wolfe.


The Dancing Boy is among the most enigmatic spirits of the Further, with little to no information known about his past. The Dancing Boy initially appears as a child with clothes from the early 1900s. According to the filmmakers, he is not a child at all, but rather an elderly man that suffers from dwarfism. After his passing, his soul traveled to the dark realm of the Further. He, like many of the other spirits, craved life again. When young Dalton Lambert astral projects too far from his body, the Dancing Boy is among the spirits that attempt to possess his body and regain life.

After the Laberts move, the spirits follow them to the new home. The Dancing Boy is the first spirit that Renai Lambert, Dalton's mother, encounters in the new home, as she sees the spirit dancing to the song "Tiptoe Through the Tulips". She attempts to track him down, and he frightens her by jumping out of Dalton's closet and running away.

During Elise Rainier's séance to try and reach Dalton, the Dancing Boy is among the spirits that come to attack them and try to get to Dalton. Dalton's father goes into the Further to rescue his son, with the spirits giving chase. Dalton is soon returned to his body, and the Dancing Boy and other spirits fade away.



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