The Dark's Nieces are the secondary antagonists of the music video to the Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds single "AKA...What A Life!". They are the nieces and henchwomen of The Dark.

They are portrayed by Alexis Carene Butt and Dee Larsen.

Role in the video

They are first seen being summoned by their uncle to restrain a waitress, whilst he pours a potion into her mouth and tries to suck out her soul. However seconds later, a vision of Noel appears and teleports the Waitress away to safety. 

The Dark then sends his nieces to find the Waitress and bring her back to him. Posing as hitchhikers, the nieces are picked up by two men in a Ford Mustang. When the men stop for a toilet break, the nieces drive off in the car, leaving the men stranded in the desert. The nieces continue driving until they find the Waitress wandering around the desert and knock her out and put her in the boot of the car.

The two then meet Noel, who is hitchhiking and invite him to ride with them. Though the journey, Noel films the nieces with his camcorder. The trio then stop off at an abandoned swimming pool where it is revealed that Noel's camcorder is actually a Soul Sucker which sucks in the nieces (proving that they are actually demons) and traps them. Noel then puts the camcorder in a locked box and frees the Waitress from the boot of the car and placing the box in her place. Noel and the Waitress then drive off through the desert.

It is unknown what Noel does with the box containing the Soul Sucker after this.