Once you've taken a sip of this splendid brew, it's quite delicious, the world will never look the same again
~ The Dark about to have the Waitress drink his potion
It's Noel Gallagher!
~ The Dark after Noel teleports the Waitress to safety.

The Dark is the main antagonist of the music video to the Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds single "AKA...What A Life!".

He was portrayed by English comedian, presenter and actor Russell Brand.

The Dark first appears after a waitress enters his wagon. He welcomes her to his "humble dwelling" and says that like most how have crossed this threshold, he senses that the Waitress has many questions. He goes on to say that without femeninty, there is no masculinity, without cruelty, there would be no kindness and without darkness there wouldn't be light.

The Dark then picks up a bottle filled with blue liquid, telling the Waitress that once she takes a sip of it, the world will never look the same again and says that the Waitress did not have a choice. Sensing reluctance from the Waitress, The Dark summons his two nieces to restrain her whilst he pours the liquid into her mouth and tries to suck out her soul. However seconds later, a vision of Noel Gallagher appears and teleports the Waitress away to safety.

The Dark then sends his nieces to find the Waitress and bring her back to him. The nieces are successful in recapturing the Waitress  (after finding her wandering in a desert) and place her in the boot of a car they stole. However, they soon meet Noel, who defeats them via using a device called a Soul Sucker (which is disguised as a camera), before freeing the Waitress from the boot of the car and placing the Soul Sucker in a locked box and puts it in the boot.

It is unknown what became of The Dark after his nieces defeat.


The Dark resembles a man with long dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a brown and black shirt with a necklace made of bones, leather trousers, boots and a top hat.



  • Russell Brand, the actor who portrays The Dark, is a real life friend of Noel Gallagher. Noel was a regular contributor to Brand's BBC 6 Music (later BBC Radio 2) radio show, which resulted in him being dubbed the show's unofficial co-host. The two also co-hosted two one-off radio shows; the first in 2009 for TalkSport and the second in 2013 on XFM in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Brand also served as best man at Gallagher's wedding in 2011.