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Behold The Deadly Seven
~ Green Witch after introduced her new monsters to the audience

The Deadly Seven are a villainous septet introduced by the Green Witch during the Knott's Scary farm Maze Reveal.

They are new monster who are coming in knott's scary for halloween 2015, their name go like this has the Green Witch call their name they pulled their curtain, the Green Witch also revealed their characteristics.

Era: She's a look a like evil fire witch, who represent Wrath, and she appear to have fire ball power, this woman will bring scare to people who dare to came in her, and will make people run when she attack them fire ball. it seem she do not look so evil after all, just Invidia they are both not so dangerous monster.

Luxuria: Well the name is for represent Lust, but he's a moose look a like monster, will seduce every woman before killed them, he's a lustful monster, show beware if a lady come in his way, he will tried to charm all woman before begun his killer spree.

Invidia: He's a rat look a like monster, who represent The envy, he will be jealous and envious of some people coming to the farm, so he will tries to chase them to scare them or tries to kill them.But its revealed he might be not so dangerous he tried to protect Era when she was thrown on the ground.

Superbia: She's a harpus look a like monster, she represent pride, who kill people for nothing and joy, she will enjoy see people suffer, and also scare people away for the delight to see their fear.

Gula: He a butcher pig look a like monster and cannibal, who eat people coming to the farm or maybe scare them away like the others, he represent The Gluttony.

Aredia: he's clawed look a like wheelchair patient monster, with his claw he call kill someone by get ride of all organs, or just scare people away when crossed his way he represent Sloth.

Avaritia: He's a voodoo witch doctor look a like monster, who represent Greed, he will go to tries to make people get very greedy, and like the other he will also scare people away.

Its unknow if they will return for halloween 2016


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