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He seems more distressed about his affliction than I am.
~ Dean Foley

Dean Timothy Foley, credited as The Dean, is the main antagonist of the 1982 slasher film "Pieces ". He attempts to "restore" his mother whom he murdered when he was ten years old by killing co-eds on his campus and stitching their body parts together. 

He is portrayed by Edmund Purdom.


As a 10 year old boy, Timothy was working on a lewd puzzle of a naked woman when his mother walked in and caught him. She ruined the puzzle and berated Timothy for being a pervert. In retaliation, Timothy calmly walked away and returned with an axe in hand. He murdered his mother and chopped up her body, afterwards hiding in the closet to feign ignorance when the police showed up. He got away with the crime, making himself look like an innocent witness.

Forty years later, Timothy got a job as the dean of a college. For some reason or another, Timothy became obsessed with trying to put his mother back together like the puzzle she had destroyed. Dressed in black, Timothy began committing brutal murders and taking pieces from his victims to use for restoring his mother. When Suzie's feet don't fit his mother's heels, he targets Mary Riggs and drugs her while she's in his office. Just when he was about to cut off her feet, Sgt. Holden showed up and shot him in the forehead, killing him.

List of Victims

  • 1: Mrs. Reston - Axed in the head.
  • 2: Virginia Palmer - Decapitated with chainsaw.
  • 3: Jenny - Dismembered, torso taken.
  • 4: Mary - Arms chainsawed off.
  • 5: Sylvia Costa - Stabbed multiple times with knife.
  • 6: Suzie - Legs chopped off with chainsaw.
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