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Oh, wow. What a surprise. A water crime. F*** me running. I swear to God, they only call me when there's trouble at a dock. Or a river or a lake, canal. A jetty. F***ing idiots. I could be doing so much more. But no, Vought just wants me to make my big pretty dives into the water and flash my f***ing biceps for Instagram. I mean, sure, four million hits a day, but still, it's f***ing demeaning.
~ The Deep to Starlight.
I signed over my bank account to you, I filled out all those f***ing children's workbooks, I married some weirdo, who gives terrible b****jobs. I-I did everything you asked, and when I found out we're all just f***ing space pores, I didn't laugh. I did everything you asked, because you said you'd get me back into The Seven, you f***ing promised.
~ The Deep to the Church of the Collective, after they failed to get him back into the Seven.

The Deep (real name Kevin Moskowitz) is a major antagonist in the Amazon Prime TV series The Boys, serving as a major antagonist in the first season, as a supporting antagonist in the second season, and returning in the third season. He is a member of The Seven with aquatic powers who is particularly well known for his perverted and opportunistic views upon women, something he later ends up correcting after being kicked out of the team.

He was portrayed by Chace Crawford.


Season One

You know something? On my first day, I, uh... well, I-I felt like a fraud. Yeah. But the good news is, everybody feels that way.
~ The Deep meeting Starlight.

The Deep initially believes himself to be a high ranking member of The Seven, remarking to Starlight that he is The Seven's #2. The Deep uses this to his advantage, blackmailing Starlight into oral sex with him, something she is strongly against at the time.

The Deep uses this to mock her after, however, on advice from Queen Maeve, Starlight is able to move past it and ignore him. When they are on a mission, The Deep mocks Starlight frequently, showing himself to be a superior member of The Seven and believing himself to be more valuable to The Seven.

After Starlight reveals that she was sexually assaulted at the Believe Expo, the public begins to suspect that her assailant was The Deep. Vought becomes worried that their stock will dive and they will gain negative publicity for this, leading to them forcing The Deep to publicly apologize to Starlight.

As punishment, Vought sends The Deep to Sandusky on sabbatical from The Seven. The Deep finds this difficult initially, believing himself to be so much more than a small town. He questions when he will return to the public spotlight, however, is shocked to find out that Vought does not intend on him returning due to wanting to retain their public image. The Deep begins to struggle with being taken out of the team, and eventually suffers an emotional breakdown by the end of the season.

Season Two

The Deep continues to struggle with coping with his Sabbatical. After The Deep gets arrested, he's bailed out of jail by Eagle the Archer who offers to help him build his reputation back. With the assistance of Carol, a member of the Church of the Collective, The Deep is able to finally open up and figure out why he does what he does. Furthermore, Carol promises Deep if he continues to follow the process, he'll be worthy of rejoining The Seven. Eventually the Deep participates in a planned marriage by Carol in order to help him gain the right kind of public attention. At the end of We Gotta Go Now, Queen Maeve approaches the Deep and makes him an offer: He helps her with a favor, and she'll help earn the Deep more positive publicity.

The Maeve's conditions in the deal are revealed in The Bloody Doors Off, she wants The Deep to search the wreckage of Flight 37 for footage of her and Homelander leaving the passengers to die. He returns and hands her a damaged GoPro camera with footage of a man recording Maeve and Homelander debating with each other on whether or not to let all of the passengers die. While at the movie set, he attempts to recruit A-Train and offers him lunch with him and the chairman, Alastair Adana. There the two attempt to recruit A-Train as a member. Eventually A-Train joins because Adana has information on his abuse of Compound V. Both the Deep and A-Train are promised back into the Seven, however only A-Train gets back in. The Deep is furious with the church because of this and storms off, presumably leaving the church for good.


Initially, The Deep acts a charismatic, smooth-talking and welcoming man however he quickly reveals himself as being entitled and perverted as well, and very arrogant and overbearing about his status in The Seven. He targets Starlight mainly because she's the newest member and as such the most vulnerable however he has supposedly done this to several women before in the past due to his insecurities over being mocked by them over his gills, therefore he overcompensates by in turn mocking and humiliating them. He is also incredibly envious and bitter over how he gets treated in The Seven and the missions he gets sent on, viewing them as humiliating and in some cases against his beliefs such as when he was forced to promote a sea life event which endorsed animal cruelty.

After a series of humiliation and trauma starting with his loss from The Seven, being raped himself, and having his fear of humiliation finally justified, before accidentally trying to kill a dolphin he was trying to save The Deep has a nervous breakdown and is accepted into The Church of the Collective shortly after. In there he manages to overcome his insecurities and becomes a much better and more well adjusted and even helpful person, as shown from when he tried to help a recently fired A-Train get back into The Seven by recruiting him.

In truth, he doesn't actually regret raping women, just that it got him fired. His supposed attempts to become a better person is just a ploy to make himself look better to get back on The Seven.

For all his flaws, The Deep genuinely cares for aquatic lifeforms, considering them his only friends. Unfortunately any tentative to help them or have their help ends up with a mess due his impulsive and foolish decisions.

The Deep is very fond of receiving oral sex, even preferring it to coitus, this is shown when he blackmails Starlight into performing oral sex on him, and his complaint about his wife is that she "gives terrible blow jobs".


The Deep is a slim man with a somewhat muscular physique and very pale skin, in season one he had dark, thin spikey hair before shaving it off after his breakdown, by the time of season two his hair has grown back slightly into that of a buzzcut, he also stubble on his face and visible chest hair but keeps his limbs shaved.

He is always seen wearing his super suit. It is a green sleeveless bodysuit which zips at the front, concealing his large, grotesque gills which he is immensely humiliated by before eventually accepting their presence for what it is. He also wears webbed gauntlets on his arms.



  • Like his comic counterpart, he is a villainous parody of Marvel comic's Namor, who occasionally acts evil, and DC comics' Aquaman. Like Aquaman and Namor, The Deep is constantly underestimated and made fun of.
  • In the TV series, he appears to take on A-Train's role of mocking a humiliating Starlight at first before eventually taking a backseat midway through season one in order for Starlight and A-Train's animosity to start over Hughie Campbell.

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