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How did it feel, leaving him behind?
~ The Dentist to Dallas about Hoxton.
Hello my friends. I hope you can overlook the fact we haven't had time to properly tidy up the place. It's rather hard to get a cleaning crew out here.
~ The Dentist in Hell's Island

The Dentist is a contractor for, and supporting character, later revealed to be a main antagonist in the video game PAYDAY 2. The Dentist appears with a white dental apron and a tie. He's wearing glasses and he has gray hair.

He was voiced by Giancarlo Esposito, who also played Gus Fring in Breaking Bad and Gideon in The Mandalorian.

In FBI files

The most elusive of all the contractors suspected of maintaining ties to Crime.Net. If it was not for a handful of photographs, The Dentist might be regarded as just a myth. The first recorded mention of him was the dying breath of James "Napalm" Westmore, when his Beltway Bunch hit the Benevolent Bank in 1977.

"Tell The Dentist to go back to Hell", he is quoted as saying. Subsequent mentions of the name kept the legend alive, though, until very recently, there was not even a concrete description of this shadowy figure.


The Dentist is introduced to the game during 2014, when Dallas came to the dentist to check. Dallas learns that the dentist knows his identity and suggests that he cooperate, he refuses to let the dentist give him the idea to get old Hoxton out of jail, for which Dallas agrees. After working for him and donating a mysterious box in the Golden Grin Casino robbery, Bain felt uncomfortable from the time he left. His suspicions were later confirmed in the "Henry's Rock" attack by the Dentist, who later organized treason, intercepting Bain and relaying information to the Murkywater, longtime enemies of the Payday gang. He was also present at Hell's Island, mocking the crew through the loudspeakers and proving the PMC when they tried to free Bain and save, but they left a message that they would succeed in their efforts. Before leaving, he mentions Simmons and Kozak. After solving the riddle in the ancient, neglected underground area of ​​the White House, the Dentist tries to stop the Payday gang and keeps Bain and Locke at gunpoint. Players only have a moment to kill the dentist before he shoots Bain.

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