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It stands for me. It's what a name is.
~ T.D.K.'s response to Javelin's on his name.

Corey Pitzner otherwise known as The Detachable Kid or T.D.K is a minor character in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the tenth installment of the DC Extended Universe.

He is a supervillain with the ability to detach his own limbs and have them move independently and act as melee weapons who was imprisoned in Belle Reve at some point. He joined Task Force X on their mission to Corto Maltese as part of Rick Flag's first team.

He was portrayed by Nathan Fillion, who also played Caleb in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gao the Lesser in Jade Empire, Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the Monstrous Inmate in Guardians of the Galaxy, Preston Northwest in Gravity Falls and Cornvelious Daniel in Rick and Morty.


T.D.K or The Detachable Kid was an inmate at Belle Reve Penitentiary after being arrested for his crimes although was given an opportunity by Amanda Waller to join Rick Flag's first Task Force X team sent to infiltrate Corto Maltese via the beach which he accepted. On his way to the mission he met his teammates Captain Boomerang, Javelin, Blackguard, Mongal, Savant, Weasel and Harley Quinn and they all boarded the helicopter to take them to their drop off point.

On the journey Javelin asked him what T.D.K stood for to which the latter dodged the question citing it's just his name and he shouldn't need to explain it before Blackguard interrupted, asking if Weasel (who he was sitting next to) was a dog much to the amusement of Boomerang who mockingly asked him what kind of dog he thought Weasel was at which point T.D.K chimed in with "Afghan hound" followed by Harley excitedly suggesting he was a werewolf, prompting Blackguard to panic and demand to be let off much to the amusement of the others, Rick Flag then intervened and calmed him down by explaining what Weasel actually was.

The team were dropped off at the waters close to the beach's shore and they swam to edge and took cover with Flag debriefing them on what they would do only for the whole team to be sold out by Blackguard in a failed attempt at surrendering which only got him killed for his trouble. A huge fight between Task Force X and the soldiers broke out with Flag being ordered to "deploy The Detachable Kid" who excitedly demonstrated his powers in the process by wilfully removing his arms and sending them to go and punch nearby soldiers all the while looking very confident and proud of himself with Harley and Rick Flag looking on in utter disbelief at how ridiculous his powers are.

In the end the battle turned fairly one sided for the team and The Detachable Kid was last scene bleeding to death with all of his teammates (save for Rick Flag and Harley who managed to escape and Weasel who had survived drowning but was presumed dead due to being unconscious) dead around him. Although unlikely to have made it out of this alive T.D.K was left in critical condition so it is possible that Belle Reve officials could have rescued him on time and brought him back to recover.


T.D.K appears to be a fairly chilled and relaxed man in spite of being a criminal although apparently does seem somewhat embarrassed by his name based on his refusal to tell Javelin what it is. He seemed very proud and confident of his abilities however as shown from the way he acts during the battle on the beach which would contradict his embarrassment. He also seemed quite friendly and had a good sense of humour since he got along well with most of his teammates.


T.D.K is a handsome muscular man with fair skin, brown eyes and black eyebrows who wears a sleeveless, bottle green leather bodysuit with protective padding and his logo (a black skull with two severed arms making a crossbones with a yellow outline) imprinted on the front of his chest and matching boots and gauntlets. He also wore a bottle green helmet to match.



  • T.D.K. is a stand in for the infamous DC Comics character Arm Fall Off Boy and could be considered as the first live-action adaptation of the character.
  • During a virtual watch party of The Suicide Squad, James Gunn acknowledged that The Detachable Kid isn't really dead, given that his life signals in the comms didn't flatline. If this is confirmed, this would make T.DK., alongside Harley Quinn, Rick Flag and Weasel, one of the few survivors of the opening sequence.


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