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The Devil is the main antagonist of the entire Chick Tracts series.


According to Jack Chick, the Devil is an evil spirit that will stop at nothing to get your soul at all costs. Much like the modern interpretation of the Devil, he was formerly an angel of light who attempted to rebel against God and claim the heavens for himself. However, he gets cast out of Heaven, and had spent an untold millennia trying to corrupt mankind. Whether it be through books such as Harry Potter, or playing role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. He will try to get you anyway he can.

The Devil is often depicted as being the absolute ruler over Hell where he oversees legions of demons who were formerly angels as well. The Devil views all of creation with contempt and seeks to ultimately become the ruler over all of creation, or at the very least, destroy everything that God had created. Whenever a child is born into the world, the Devil claims ownership over that child and would resort to any deplorable method to ensure that they never get converted. He is also known to follow a person throughout their life, subtly tempting them to go against their beliefs or reservations.

The Devil himself had starred as the overarching antagonist over several tracts. For instance, there are several Halloween-themed tracts that assert that All Hallows Eve is actually the Devil's birthday. As such, the Devil is often seen partaking in committing mass killings, tricking trick or treaters into handing their souls to him, preying on anyone who has weaknesses, or tries to take as many people to Hell as he possibly can. Even if some Chick Tracts don't specifically feature the Devil, he still has some influence in the plot such as sending his minions to turn people against their beliefs or to harass Christians. He is also behind the creation of The Vatican, who, according to Jack Chick, are responsible for all evils committed on Earth, including the Holocaust and Islam.

Ultimately, at the end of days, the Devil orchestrates the Vatican's war against the Jews. Once the Vatican is destroyed in fire, The Pope and his general flee to Jerusalem, which was annexed previously. The Devil rises and, joining with the Vatican forces, leads the armies of Hell to attack Heaven. However they are defeated by God almost immediately and the army is completely destroyed. The Devil is then chained in the bottomless pit for 1000 years before God casts him into the lake of fire.


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