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Welcome to my humble home, Witnesses. It took 10,000 wretched souls an eternity to craft it by hand. Pleased to meet you.
~ The Devil

Satan, formerly known as Lucifer, and also known as The Devil, is the overarching antagonist of FOX's TV series Sleepy Hollow. He was mentioned several times in the first three seasons, and appeared for the first and only time in the finale of Season 4, serving as the entire series' final antagonist.

The Devil is the ruler of Hell and master of all demons, as well as the mastermind behind Jobe and possibly Moloch's actions (due to Moloch's former identity as one of the Fallen Angel leaders, making him one of the allies to the Devil when the latter was still Lucifer at the time). He makes deals with mortals in exchange for their souls, including Malcolm Dreyfuss and Ichabod Crane.

He was portrayed by Terrence Mann.


Season 4

Around the 1980s, the Devil sent Jobe to go and make a deal with the drunk and desperate Malcolm Dreyfuss, who had just crashed a car that contained all his life's work after having a breakdown for not getting enough credit in the company he and his partner Ansel built. The reason of this breakdown is because his partner rather unfairly became the face of the company, leaving Malcolm to live in the shadows, unrecognized.

Jobe offered to get rid of Ansel and leave Dreyfuss to manage the company in exchange for his soul when he dies. Malcolm, after seeing his horrible future returning if he didn't agree, took the deal. Jobe dragged Ansel to hell, where demons branded their marks on his body for years.

During the final confrontation against Dreyfuss, Ichabod and Lara tried to find a way to stop an immortal Malcolm from raising his new world with the aid of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They followed the lead Jobe gave them and enter Hell itself with the intention to have the the Devil aid them in their duty.

Sensing their arrival in hell, the Devil at first rides the lift down but immediately appears in front of them sitting in the table before them and greeted them casually. However, he was visibly intimidating Ichabod with his words. After casually telling Ichabod to not confuse himself with definitions on the Devil, he sarcastically confirming that he is just the Devil that all humans know.

When the Witnesses demanded the Devil's assistance to kill Dreyfuss, the Devil refused as he discovered Dreyfuss had found a way out of his deal, and he had no worries about that. The Devil believed that his new world will bring him more souls for him to torture for all eternity. He then showed anger on being unable to torture a witness after saying he was bored of their conversation.

Nevertheless, Ichabod bravely told the Devil to stop intimidating them as hell has rules and even the devil was bound to said rules, therefore he can't trick them into staying through cheap intimidation, causing the Devil to become disappointed. Ichabod then got fully serious and bravely told the Devil to stop pushing around and to strike a deal, causing the Devil to look almost angry before the anger turned into a delightly laugh. As it turns out, the only thing that Ichabod has that interested him, more than the fact he could torture the souls killed by Dreyfuss' Apocalypse, was his eternal soul.

Soon, Ichabod followed the footsteps of Abbie and sacrifices himself for the greater good, offering the Devil a deal that if he aids them in putting a stop in Dreyfuss for good, and then Ichabod's soul would belonged to Devil once he was dead. The Devil, delighted with the fact that he gets to torture a Witness for the first time, happily and willingly takes the deal. In exchange, the Devil granted Ichabod a piece of the Philosopher's Stone which was destroyed, but he somehow acquired. It rendered Dreyfuss mortal so that he could be fatally wounded and killed, with Jobe taking away his soul once Dreyfuss' deal with the Devil was ended.

After Dreyfuss' demise, Ichabod revealed the necessary sacrifice he had made to Diana, but they both agree to find a way to get him out of his deal as they reassumed their new adventure together.


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