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The Devil is a minor villain in the Team Fortress Comics. He is the one who owned the Medic's Soul after he sold it to him.


At some point, Dr. Ludwig (Medic's real name) has once made a deal with the Devil and sold his Soul to him, but it is unknown what the Devil gave him for that.

After the TFC Heavy shot and killed Medic, Ludwig went to the Devil's office and was told to sign a contract that will send him to Hell. The Devil prepares to send Medic to Hell for eternity as per the terms of the contract, but Medic points out a clause written into it: he can only go to Hell if the Devil owns a majority of his soul, and reveals that he had additional souls (taken from his teammates) surgically grafted into himself, leaving the Devil with no claim. Medic negotiates with the Devil, asking to be allowed to return to Earth for an amount of time, enough for the Devil to claim his other eight souls. The Devil eventually agrees, and lets Medic trade one of his souls with the Devil's pen.


  • It is possible that Medic sold his soul to the Devil in order to create his trademark Medi-Gun.


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