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The Devil is the primary antagonist of the popular song The Devil Went Down To Georgia made by the Charlie Daniels Band - which has since been adapted into many stories, cartoons and short films as well as a number of alternative music videos.


The song is a retelling of a classic "Folk Devil" scenario in which a Satanic figure arrives in a remote area and tries to deal a man out of his soul, only to be outsmarted by the protagonist and forced to flee - it also plays heavy use of the fiddle, an instrument that in folklore has been associated with the Devil as well as Fairies and other malevolent spirits.

The song details how the Devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal, in the process running into a young fiddle-player who the Devil challenges to a duel - the Devil offers a golden fiddle if the boy wins but demands his soul in payment should the boy lose.

The boy accepts the Devil's challenge and the two engage in a fiddle contest, the Devil is defeated and forced to give the boy the golden fiddle before retreating.



  • It's possible that the entire fiddle contest itself was a trap itself to get Johnny's soul, as he was immensely prideful during the song and after he had won, which is one of the seven deadly sins.