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It is by means of a human personality entirely in his possession that Satan will wage his last formidable offence.
~ Father Brennan describes Satan's plans for Damien.

Lucifer, more commonly known as The Devil or Satan, is the overarching antagonist of The Omen film series. He is the fallen angel Lucifer and the father of the antichrist Damien Thorn, and from Damien's childhood started influences events around the


The Omen

His main goal throughout the series was to father the Antichrist, corrupt world governments, and bring about the end of humanity through the Apocalypse. A Hellhound (which are essentially The Devil's enforcers) causes Damien's nanny to hang herself from the Thorn's household's roof. Later, in a spectacular scene, the Devil kills Father Brennan, a priest who knows of Damien's unholy lineage by impaling said priest through the chest with a church spire when Satan locked the church doors during a spectacular thunderstorm.

The Devil also kills Keith Jennings, a reporter and photographer, who vowed to kill Damien if Robert Thorn did not comply, by causing his truck to roll backwards down a slope in Israel, decapitating him.

Damien: Omen II

The Devil is once again protecting his son and ensuring his success by killing all who know of his son's identity. The Devil kills a doctor who becomes suspicious upon realizing Damien's DNA is that of a jackal's, and he kills him by smashing his elevator down to the ground floor.

A week after Robert Thorn's death, when archaeologist-turned exorcist Carl Bugenhagen took his old colleague and fellow archaeologist named Michael Morgan with him down into a tomb-like chamber within the ancient city Tel Megiddo to see the obscure 13th century stone relic known as Yigael's Wall, which holds the painted images of the Antichrist Damien from birth to downfall. A Raven watches them, perched outside, and subsequently causes the tunnel to collapse. The two were buried alive inside the collapsed chamber within the ruins. The Raven appears again before Mark Thorn's aunt Marion at the Thorn estate who is both disliking and very suspicious towards her adopted nephew Damien, and it began attacking her immediately in the middle of the night, causing her to die of a heart attack. The Raven appears yet again, attacking a journalist named Joan Hart who was on the verge of making Damien's identity public; the Raven viciously pecks her eyes out, forcing her onto a road where she is struck dead by a truck. The Raven makes its last appearance, the day after Mark's birthday party. The Raven is present at the lake by the Thorn residence, perched in a tree, when Bill Atherton drowns in the lake.

Omen III: The Final Conflict

He is referenced many times by his son Damien in the third movie, and Damien points out The Devil (referred to by one of the Devil's old aliases "Old Nick") in the depths of the river and says that he visited him first when he was six.

Damien's disciples empower Satan by committing another Massacre of the Innocents, recreating the Biblical events to ensure the next Christ will be killed too. Despite all the infanticide they commit strengthening Satan, they fail to find the real Christ child.

Hellhounds attack the priests sent to kill Damien who know of Damien's unholy origins, and attempt to assassinate him with the Daggers of Megiddo. The Devil is felt rather than seen, manipulating situations and killing everybody who knows Damien's identity in gruesome supernatural ways.

Although not dead, the Devil is disempowered and suffers a major defeat when Damien is killed.

Omen IV: The Awakening

The Devil is revealed to have conceived three children, one who is Damien, and the other a girl along with her younger brother, to further his lineage.

The Omen (remake)

In the remake film, The Devil does make physical appearance in Katherine Thorn's nightmares of Damien. He appears to be a sinister being in a red cloak with a jackal's skull for a head that was seen with Damien.


The Devil is a cruel tyrant, furthering his selfish goals to conquer humankind in the most sadistic way possible, through mass murder and genocide. He likes psychologically tormenting his victims, upon making them feel secure until the final moment when there is no escape. He can control the weather, punch holes in reality, and displays formidable power. He is completely ruthless and merciless, and inspires fear in his minions and enemies alike.

Powers and abilities

  • Mind Control: The Devil has the ability to take over the minds of people and influence them to do horrible things, such as having a Hellhound influence Holly to kill herself.
  • Omens: True to the title of the franchise, several omens are present in the film, foreshadowing gruesome events and deaths, mostly in photographs. A photograph of Holly depicted a noose-like apparition around her neck, before she hung herself at Damien's birthday party. A photo of Father Brennan depicted a manifestation of a staff through his body, and Brennan was soon killed when a lightning rod fell of a church and impaled him. A photo of Keith Jennings depicted a slash across his throat, and in Tel Megiddo, a sheet of glass decapitates Jennings. The Raven and the Hellhounds also act as omens.
  • Control of Animals: The Devil can control and/or take the form of animals, namely dogs and birds (hellhounds and ravens respectively). It's believed that the hellhounds and the raven may be physical manifestations of Lucifer himself. The animals are harbingers for several terrible events, and are often the cause of them, such as a Hellhound influencing Holly's death and the Raven causing the collapse of the ruins in Tel Megiddo.
  • Telekinesis/Terrakinesis: The Devil can move objects and the environment at will, most often in subtle ways that have much bigger consequences. An example is when he causes a truck carrying a pane of glass to barrel towards Keith Jennings, and the pane slides off and decapitates him. Another example is when he causes senior manager of Thorn Industries Bill Atherton to fall through a frozen lake, eventually dying.
  • Weather Manipulation: The Devil can manipulate weather patterns, namely when he conjures a lightning storm to kill Father Brennan.
  • Reality-Warping: Once members of The Devil's cult are accepted by him, they gain a mark on their bodies in the form of a radial triple six, identical to the one Damien Thorn himself bears as a birthmark.