Nature is a hard thing to fight
~ The Director before being stabbed by Condor
The Director is the main antagonist in the 2016 sci-fi action film The Perfect Weapon.

He is portrayed by Steven Seagal on his second villainous role, being the first one Rogelio Torrez in Machete.


In a not too distant future, a totalitarian state secret government organization run by The Director controls all aspects of life. All “enemies of the state” are dealt with in the harshest way and most of them are executed by a secret organization’s operatives and assassins. The best operative is code-named Condor, an elite agent and hit man for the government.

However, in his latest assignment he fails to kill an opposition leader and finds himself on the run from the very same government agency that he works for. This sets in motion a chain of events with unforeseen consequences for all involved. Condor just might survive the hunt by the all powerful government organization and the betrayals by so-called allies as he is The Perfect Weapon.


In the end of the film as Condor and The Director are talking and drinking whiskey in The Director's living room, Condor takes out a pocket knife and stabs The Director in the stomach, as The Director drops his glass on the carpet he sits on a chair and Condor leaves him to die, however in the last moments of the film it is revealed that the man who have been stabbed is actually The Director's twin brother, the real Director approaches his brother and he asks him for a honorable death, The Director grabs a katana from his collection, his brother asks him to avenge him and The Director kills him, during the credits The Director is shown preparing his army and aboarding a militar helicopter