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Doctor DL

The Doctor is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost. He is the main antagonist of the campaign Scars of the Syndicate and one of the leaders of the eponymous syndicate.


He is a man who puts intellectual advancement and the intellectual progress of civilization over ethics and morals. His pseudo-philosophical rambling is distinct and has high thoughts about his intellect. He will stop at nothing for his research resorting to atrocities such as kidnapping a village of people and attempting to fuse Euden into Aspedochelone. He also shows little care for Aldred, one of his experiments that were for the creation of a human that can have many wyrmpacts like Prince Euden, calling him one of his more rubbish experiments. It was later revealed that the chimera Aldred killed earlier was his sister fused to it by one of the experiments much to his horror. When his attempts to fuse Euden into Aspedochelone were thwarted, he decided to fuse with the beast itself. While the heroes manage to kill him while he’s merged with Aspedochelone, he warns them that his death will not be the end of the syndicate and there are more members out there.


The Doctor has blue hair, a slim face, blue eyes and glasses. For clothe, he wears a black coat and pants with red trimming and various gold accessories.



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