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I believe you've seen my work. I do hope you like it.
~ The Doll Maker introducing himself to the player.

The Doll Maker is a major antagonist in Welcome to the Game II.


He is a European immigrant who rounds up women and turns them into sex dolls through an extremely sadistic surgery that includes replacing limbs with artificial limbs, and other implied methods of immobilization, before selling them off on the Deep Web for several thousand dollars.

In the original Welcome to the Game, his website is visitable.

In Welcome to the Game II, his website is once again visitable, although this time heavily revamped, and visiting it lets him track Clint, the protagonist. He pays his apartment a visit, holding a knife to his throat and threatening to kill him if he doesn't find him a woman. If they fail at satisfying him or picks a male, he will kill the player by either picking them up with one arm and stabbing them to death, or gutting them.


The Doll Maker is an elderly man, with a bald head and glasses. He speaks in a German/Austrian accent, and wears a long coat with a tie. The trenchcoat and gloves have some bloodstains on it, the most notable one being a full handprint on the coat.


The Doll Maker is an extremely sadistic and evil man, who has no redeeming qualities to excuse his cruelty. His torture, rape, kidnapping, and mutilation could render him as the most depraved character in the series, topping even the Executioner


Good evening. I believe you've seen my work. I do hope you like it. However, I'm afraid this visit is not for pleasure. You see, obtaining the girls I seek for transformation has become increasingly difficult, and I cannot risk my work by searching for new flesh myself. So you will provide them for me. Find me a woman in this building and mark the door. I will do the rest. When I am ready for another, you will know. Do not fail me. Do not test me. And I will spare your life. Time is ticking. I left the marker on your door.
~ The Doll Maker


  • It's unknown how he managed to script the power outage. Not only would it have been physically impossible for him to get from Clint's door to the maintenance room that fast, but he went the opposite direction of the stairwell. He obviously doesn't have anyone helping him, since he's resorting to Clint, so he must've somehow done it remotely.
  • Despite his age, the Doll Maker is surprisingly fit, as he can run incredibly fast after threatening Clint and most notably can lift him off the ground with one arm.