Ha, ha! Would you look at that? Righteous fool. After everything he still can't hurt an innocent. Turning those brats into weapons, pretty ingenious, right? Children are foolish little things. Easily manipulated. Surgically implant a chip in their neck, and the right audio frequency does the rest. Well...back to the fun!
~ The Dominator to Ashi right before he tortures her again.

The Dominator is the main antagonist of Episode XCVI of season 5 in the Samurai Jack series.

He was voiced by Aaron LaPlante, who also played The Omen, another Season 5 villain in Samurai Jack.


The Dominator was a human male who had ransacked a village of extraterrestrials, taking the children to a factory to be used as an energy source. When Jack and Ashi arrive to the factory, the Dominator releases the brainwashed children onto them, and takes Ashi hostage. Figuring that she must've been a sympathizer for Jack, he subjects Ashi to near-lethal electroshock torture only to need to refuel. Throughout this, he expresses his hatred for children, gloating about how easy it is to brainwash them, and he also comments Ashi for her "pretty face". Unbeknownst to him, Ashi had experienced abuse by her mother's hand, which she uses to overcome her restraints.

Much to the surprise of the Dominator, Ashi frees herself, and proceeds to lay a brutal beat-down on him, causing his metallic suit to malfunction. Ashi then throws the unconscious Dominator into the control panel, causing it to explode, killing him in the process.


Very little is known about the Dominator in the short screentime he had. It is implied that he is either a minion of Aku or simply a rouge psychopath given the will to harm others in light of Aku's rule.

From what everybody sees of him, the Dominator is cruel, uncaring, and destructive, taking sadistic pleasure in his crimes with a joyful tone of voice. He also seems to hate children, calling them "brats" and making them his primary targets, as well as referring to them as "foolish things". He mocks Jack's efforts to avoid harming the children, seeing his unwillingness to harm an innocent as weak by calling him a "righteous fool".





  • Alongside the High Priestess and Aku himself, the Dominator is one of the most depraved villains in the Samurai Jack series. While most of Aku's minions are programmed robots or brainwashed servants, the Dominator is a human who is fully capable of understanding right and wrong, but still commits his actions out of pure sadism.
  • The Dominator combines some elements of both Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, being like the former a towering villain in armor with a helmet that alters his voice to make it deeper, and like the latter a pure evil sadist who corrupts others into doing his bidding and gleefully torturing others with electricity fired from his hands.


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