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On this, the day of my daughter's wedding.
~ The Don

The Don is a minor antagonist in Family Guy, only appearing in the episode "There's Something About Paulie". He is a don of an Italian mafia.


In "There's Something About Paulie", Peter Griffin got roped in with the mafia after asking them a favor. Once he was in debt with them, he went to The Don, who told him that he needed to hang out with his nephew, Big Fat Paulie, who was visiting town for his daughter's wedding. The Don hated his own nephew and dreaded ever hanging out with him, so that's why he ordered Peter to hang out with him by taking him to the movies, which Peter willingly did.

After accidentally ordering a hit on Lois Griffin, Peter went to The Don to have it called off. The Don said that he would grant him one favor but Peter wasted it on asking for some cake and The Don sent them out.

The Don's daughter's wedding was called off when his daughter had a falling out with her husband. Peter was able to convince them to get back together with a heart-felt speech that he learned, during his marriage to Lois and got them back together again. Despite this, The Son still ordered the hit on Lois but Peter asked The Don to shoot him instead so that his wife could live. The Don was touched by Peter's kindness and called off the hit entirely.

When Peter and Lois went to the car, the valet parker got blown up in it, which was one of the leftover traps set by one of The Don's minions. Stewie Griffin was in the car at the time, and due to this, he died.



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