Don't be the victim who drowns. Don't sink with the rest. Be active. Rise up, reclaim the light, and be the one who does the drowning.
~ The Batman Who Laughs to The Drowned.

The Drowned (real name: Bryce Wayne) is a villainous version of Batman from the DC Comics universe. She is a member of the Dark Knights, a group of vigilantes from the Dark Multiverse whose goal is to assist the deity Barbatos in plunging the central DC multiverse into darkness.


In the gender reversed Earth -11, Bryce Wayne’s love interest Sylvester Kyle was killed by a bunch of rogue metahumans. Heartbroken and vengeful, Batwoman lost trust in all metahumans and spent the next eighteen months murdering every single metahuman on the world's surface to avenge Sylvester. Eventually, the Atlanteans led by Aquawoman surfaced in hopes of making peace with surface dwellers. However Batwoman didn't believe this for a moment, and when peace talks with the surface went sour, she fought and killed Aquawoman by impaling the queen with her own trident. In retaliation, the Atlanteans completely flooded Gotham City and submerged it underwater. Desperate to fight back, Batwoman decided to surgically alter her physiology and genetics to stand a better chance against Atlanteans, and also created her own army of creatures called Dead Water to combat the Atlantean forces.

After a mighty war, Batwoman succeeded in not only wiping out the Atlanteans, but also conquered Atlantis and decided to submerge the rest of the world underwater. Batwoman then lit the Batsignal in Gotham City as a sign of victory and hope, but when the light went out, she went to investigate and found The Batman Who Laughs. He tells Batwoman that, like the rest of the Dark Multiverse, she and her world continue to suffer because it sustains another Multiverse that exists above their own, and he offers her a chance to conquer the Muliverse above by joining the Dark Knights. Batwoman accepted his offer and became known among the group as The Drowned.



  • The Drowned can be seen as the literal interpretation to one of Batman's worst fears; the fear of losing Selina Kyle (in The Drowned's case, Sylvester), giving into his paranoid side and losing his ability to trust.
  • Ironically, Bryce's death is similar to Aquawoman's demise on her world, but with reversed roles. Bryce impaled Aquawoman with her own trident while Bryce herself was eventually impaled by Aquaman using a trident-shaped blade.
  • Bryce's father is named Martin Wayne; the Earth -11 counterpart of Martha Wayne. By this point, it could be deduced that her mother is the Earth -11 counterpart of Thomas Wayne, but with a different, female name.
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