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Villain Overview

This whining's the most exciting thing I've ever heard.
~ The Duke getting excited by Renata's pleas.
Don't think your tears restrain my desire; they make me more ruthless.
~ The Duke showing no remorse for Renata when she cries for mercy.

The Duke of Blangis is one of the four villainous protagonists of the infamous erotic horror-satire novel The 120 Days of Sodom, by the equally infamous writer and French politician Marquis de Sade and also in the film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, directed by the famous writer, intellectual and Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. He is a cruel and perverted fascist, a lover of debauchery, murder and extreme sexual acts.

In Pasolini's film, The Duke is portrayed by Italian actor Paolo Bonacelli.


The Duke of Blangis is described as a man of great stature and powerful physical strength (which allows him to strangle a horse squeezing his neck with the thighs), handsome and also well-endowed, despite his age, unchanged (on one occasion he said he had numerous sexual relations in a single day, of which he never experiences fatigue).


The Duke is an aristocrat totally devoid of moral values or dignity, he is a borderline psychopath who doesn't feel remorse or disgust for the horrible actions that he himself, Curval, The Bishop, The Magistrate or any of the collaborators commit in the castle. He also apparently hates his family apart from his brother The Bishop due to their shared interests in rape, torture and murder. He killed his own mother due to his annoyance of her and he also despises his daughters Giuliana and Liana and he revels in the pain and suffering both of them go through throughout the 120 days of Sodom. The Duke also prefers to play mind-games and torment his victims (especially Renata) before or during committing acts of rape or torture towards them.

However, despite his irredeemable traits, he is capable of giving and receiving affection, he is very well-mannered, witty, humorous and kind towards his friends and collaborators despite committing horrible acts at the same time and he also develops mutual romantic feelings for Rino, a male captive and in return, spares him from a painful death.

Like the three fascists, he is also a zoophilic and coprophiliac, in addition to partaking in sex with men, he also is an atheist, contemptuous of the Christian religion, and is also implied to be a Satanist.


Like the other three fascists, The Duke is embodied as one of the four main forms of power: in his case, nobility.

Early Life

The Duke was born in the early 1900's and is the younger brother of The Bishop, it is revealed by The Duke himself that he killed his own mother for inheritance, much to him and his brother's satisfaction.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

The film is set in Italy during World War II, in the republic of Salò, The Duke, The Bishop, The Magistrate and President Curval all sign a contract to secure their friendship as well as agreeing to marry each other's daughters as the first step in a debauched ritual, in the Duke's case, his daughter is married to the Magistrate while The Duke marries The President's daughter. Meanwhile, the Italian mafia are enlisted by the four fascists to forcefully enlist several young men to act as guards and studs during the ritual, they also kidnapped dozen of teenage girls and boys for the fascists to inspect and choose to be their sex slaves for the ritual. Ultimately, eight boys and girls Sergio, Franco, Claudio, Umberto, Tonino, Rino, Eva, Fatimah, Renata, Giuliana, Graziella, Benedetta, Dorit and Anistika were all hand-picked and chosen for the ritual while two more unnamed victims were killed for attempting to escape.

Soon after, the fascist four, the guards, studs and the victims all head over to a near-abandoned palace near Mazabotto where they would stay for 120 days as they meet their other collaborators and three storytelling middle-aged prostitutes to help stimulate them as well as giving them ideas of sexual torture methods and humiliation towards their victims through their stories. During the many days at the palace, the four fascists devise increasingly abhorrent tortures and humiliations for their own pleasure.

Circle of Manias

During breakfast, the daughters enter the dining hall naked to serve food. One of the studs trips and rapes The Duke's daughter in front of the crowd, who laugh at her cries of pain. aroused, the President moons several slaves before prompting the same stud to perform anal sex on him as the Duke sings "Sul Ponte di perati" as the other collaborators join him. After one of the prostitutes, Signora Vaccari tells a story about receiving anal sex as a child, the fascst four decides to determine their victim's "best parts", they select both Sergio and Renata to be forcefully masturbated by Vaccari and a stud. Once they've orgasmed, they are then forced to marry in a mock-wedding where The Duke gets aroused upon seeing the rest of the victims naked, he proceeds to grope and fondle all the victims including the prostitutes and the studs alike. Afterwards, the "married couple" are forced into having sex with each other, once they start, the fascists abruptly stops them and rape them instead, while Curval engages in a three way with The Duke.

The very next day, both male and female victims are forced to be naked once again to degradingly act as dogs after Vaccari told a story about a client who demanded her to act as a dog. They end up getting fed like dogs, and one of the victims Lamberto refused to do so, the Magistrate brutally whips him, while Curval's daughter gets forced into eating a slice of cake, which is filled with nails. She ends up eating the food, and yelps as she bleeds out from her mouth.

Circle of Shit

Rino would soon be romantically involved with The Duke who takes a liking into him, which spares him from all the sexual torture present. Another prostitute, Signora Maggi tells her story about her fetish of feces. At one point she goes on to explain that she killed her own mother, over a dispute, a young female victim Renata begins to cry, because her own mother tried to save her from not becoming a sex-slave, but her mother was then killed because of it. The Duke gets aroused over her grief and starts to verbally abuse her of which Curval joins in the abuse. Duke then orders the guards and studs to violently strip her naked, which they do. The Duke then furiously starts taking defecating on the floor, forcing Renata to eat it from the floor with a spoon as he watches in glee.

Later on during dinner, everyone gets presented with a meal of human feces collected from everyone in the palace. The fascists and the prostitutes happily eat the feces while almost everyone else at the dining hall gets forced into it, and a lot of the victims then start to gag over the taste and the odor. Later on, the fascists randomly decide to pick the victim with the most beautiful buttocks, a male young victim, Franco gets picked and his reward is a quick death, however, it is actually a cruel prank planned out by the fascists and instead promises him a painful death in the near future.

Circle of Blood

As the movie goes on, another mock-wedding goes on, in which the studs and the leading men organize a wedding between each other. The leading men become crossdressers and get into the marriage. While the victims are sadly looking down silent, the men furiously tell them to laugh or smile. Two of the prostitutes then start telling jokes to get them to laugh. After the wedding, the Bishop ends up having sex with his stud. The bishop leaves the room, and ends up finding information's from the victims about each others deeds against their rules, Tonino reveals that Graziella has a hidden photograph, and she tells him that Eva and Antiniska are having lesbian sex, they in return, inform him of a black servant girl and a guard named Ezio are having sex.

The fascists become furious, finding them having sex in a hidden room behind the palace. And they end up shooting both the black girl and Ezio to death. In the end, the victims are lined up and are being called to pick which will get punished. The ones who receives a blue ribbons are being forced into a panful death, while the ones without the ribbons, if they keep working with them, will eventually be free to go home. Umberto is spared due to his cooperation with his ordeal and is selected to replace the deceased Ezio as a guard, Rino is spared due to his submissive relationship with The Duke and Graziella is spared for betraying Eva. The rest of the victims and the daughters are then forced into the palace's courtyard, where they all are brutally raped, tortured and killed, with various methods such as hanging, scalping, burning and many others. The Duke first acts a voyeur but eventually joins in the atrocities as the four fascists take turns as voyeur, torturer and executioner.

The Duke, the other three fascists and the collaborators are implied to leave the palace and went back to their normal lives after everything is said and done but their fate remains ambiguous as World War II rages on.


  • In the novel, The Duke is much more crueler and intimidating in stature and appearance. Unlike in the film, The Duke rapes and heavily tortures Renata and Fatimah on a daily basis with various cruel and sadistic methods, while in the film, the only two instances of the Duke forcing Renata to eat his feces and forcing Fatimah to urinate on his face were only shown.


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