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The Egg Bois are the supporting antagonists of the 2019 adult web series Hazbin Hotel. They serve as supporting antagonists in the pilot That's Entertainment. They are demonic anthropomorphic eggs that serve as Sir Pentious' minions.

They are all voiced by Joe Gran.


The Egg Bois are seen in the Sir Pentious's airship and one compliments Sir Pentious that conquering hell was a great plan and another one said Sir Pentious is reaaly showing them what for and the Egg Boi likes how he shots sinners with his ray gun (with Sir Pentious punching the Egg Boi on the wall as a result), and an Egg Boi said that he wish Sir Pentious will shoot him with his ray gun. When a familiar voice calls jokingly "Edge Lord", Sir Pentious thought that one of his Egg Bois called him by that nickname but en Egg Boi said that he wasn't them. Then, a cherry bomb pops out into the Sir Pentious's ship window and them, explode. This it was revealed to be Cherri Bomb, and the Egg Bois hold their weapons to fight Cherri. Later when Sir Pentious was going to attack the Happy Hotel, Alastor summons a tentacle monster demon that destroys the ship and many Egg Bois. When Sir Pentious finally woke up after the ship's destruction caused by Alastor, is seen that an Egg Boi was still alive after the destruction and he asks Sir Pentious if he wants to shot him with his ray gun, causing Sir Pentious to lost senses again.


  • It's unknown where the Egg Bois came from or Sir Pentious can just lay them. But probably another character helped Sir Pentious creating the Egg Bois.
    • The person that helped Sir Pentious to create the Egg Bois would be actually Baxter, the mad scientist anglerfish demon.


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