The empire that's persisted for generations is God's will. To defy God is preposterous!
~ The Emperor.

The Emperor is a major anti-villain and the honorifically the puppeted main antagonist of the Akame Ga Kill! manga/anime series. He is the supreme ruler of the Empire, because everything he does is through the influence of Prime Minister Honest (the true ruler and mastermind behind the events). The Emperor is a naive teenage boy who wishes to lead his people to a great future. But unfortunately, due to the Honest's influence, he is immensely ignorant and dim do to the suffering of his people, and contributed to the collapse of the Empire which causes it's downfall in the end and his own death in being executed by Najenda.


The Emperor is a young teenage boy with green hair and eyes. He wears a purple outfit with white boots and a blue mantle, as well as a large headdress. He also carries a golden scepter with a blue orb attached to it.


The Emperor is immensely naive, gullible and blindly trusting to the Prime Minister, who is using him as a puppet to do whatever he wants. Constantly under the watchful gaze of his "most trusted adviser", the Emperor's perception of morality has become warped as he is incapable of discerning right from wrong, believing that all he does is for the good of the Empire. He obediently listens to Honest without question and asks for his approval in the decisions he has made, as shown when he sentenced a man to death for being against some of the decided political measures he had taken.

Shortly after activating Shikoutazer (the supreme teigu), Prime Minister Honest activates it's hidden trump card which brainwashes the Emperor and causes him to become extremely corrupt, utterly bloodthirsty and uncaring as not thinking and caring about the innocent people he killed in the process.


A few years ago before the series started, the Emperor won the succession to the throne of the Empire thanks to Honest's shrewd tactics, including killing his parents. Honest has been using him as a pawn and puppet ruler ever since that day and now.

In the end, he comes to realize how wrong he was and that instead of leading his people into peace and prosperity he had only caused them suffering with his gullibility and delusion. He faces his execution with remorse and dies with honor.


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