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I am... I am... I am the one who rules over nature. I shall destroy... and hate mankind. I am the Emperor!
~ The Emperor

The Emperor (codenamed: Type α) is an extremely powerful enemy found in The House of The Dead 2 - acting as the game's final boss battle and the secondary antagonist of the story.

This seemingly perfect mutant-like android was created by its designer Caleb Goldman to rule over humanity and guard nature as a godlike dictator capable of destroying any and all resistance - Goldman believed the Emperor to be nearly unbeatable and had high hopes for his creation.

The Emperor was indeed a formidable enemy, capable of telekinesis, levitation and shapeshifting but had a noticeable weakness in the form of a pink orb inside its chest that when shot enough times, caused the Emperor to die, ending its threat.

The Pinball of the Dead

The Emperor makes an appearance as the final boss in The Pinball of the Dead. During battle, the Emperor will use a combination of four moves, three of which are based on the moves he uses in The House of the Dead 2.

The first move that the Emperor uses is that he sends two orbs at the player in order to block the player's pinball. Although he performs this move at close-range, it is fairly easy to avoid. The next move that the Emperor uses is that he will send many orbs at the player. The amount of orbs that the Emperor sends out will fill the screen, but there is a space between each of them. The third move that the Emperor will use transforms his arms into swords, followed by the Emperor slashing in a cross pattern. This move will knock the player's pinball back at the player. The final move that the Emperor uses causes him to transform one of his arms into a giant shield, which protects him from gaining any damage.



  • The final bosses of the first four HotD games appear to embody primal forces of nature; the Magician uses fire, the Emperor uses metamorphosis, the Wheel of Fate uses electricity, and the World uses ice.


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