Peel me another grape, slave!
~ The Enchantress' famous quote.

The Enchantress is an evil sorceress and a villainess in the Archie comics incarnation of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

The Enchantress was the partner of a malevolent conjuror known as the Black Death and worked with him in their quest to commit evil utilising their magical abilities - a quest that was opposed by Knuckles the Echidna.


During Knuckles' search for the Sword of Acorns, he ventured into the Land of the Dark, where the Enchantress and Black Death attacked him. While Black Death distracted Knuckles, the Enchantress used her magic to take control of him and held him imprisoned as their submissive servant.

Days later, the Enchantress and Black Death came under attack by Sir Connery, the Paladin of the Ancient Walkers, who broke into their lair. As Connery used the Sword of Light, the Enchantress was distracted and lost control over Knuckles, allowing Knuckles to defeat Black Death while she herself was attacked by Connery.

After the wicked mages were tied up together by Knuckles and Connery, the Enchantress and Black Death met their demise when Connery struck them down with the Sword of Light. Connery then departed, carrying the Enchantress and Black Death - or at least their bodies - with him.


She is a female rabbit Mobian with orange and white fur, white hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a blue dress and a purple cape with hood with a skull emblem-like pendant, white arm bracelets and blue high-heel shoes.


The Enchantress is an evil magician and a vain woman who treated her enslaved victims as her submissive pets and obedient slaves without qualms.

Powers and Abilities

A witch by title, the Enchantress was able to perform black magic, though she was far weaker than Black Death in terms of sorcery. Regardless, she could still perform powerful magic of her own; one of the enchantments and spells she was able to cast was the ability to take control over people's wills by simply gazing upon them, allowing her total control over their motor functions, though their cognitive abilities remain unimpaired. Additionally, she was able to teleport.

Knuckles theorized that a good uppercut would be enough to take her down, suggesting she possessed low durability.

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