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The Engineer is the main antagonist of Hellraiser: Inferno. He was the manifestation of Joseph Thorne's own cruelty in Hell.

Role in the film

The Engineer was a cenobite who Joseph Thorne was hunting for while in Hell since he solved the Lament Configuration. The Engineer kills Daphne, Bernie, Thorne's parents, his partner Tony, and his wife and daughter. After killing each of the victims the Engineer leaves a child’s finger behind.

During Thorne's confrontation with the Engineer, he tries to shoot him, but he gets his hand hooked by a chain from Pinhead, who then informs him that he (Thorne) is in Hell since he solved the Lament Configuration and that he would be damned forever. The Engineer then reveals himself to be the manifestation of Thorne's cruelty, and he slits the throat of a younger version of Thorne. Pinhead then skins Thorne's head, killing him in the process. Following Thorne realizing that he is in Hell and that the moment will always repeat, he now knows that he will face his demons, including the Engineer for eternity.




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